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Wadjet Eye Games' flagship series of Blackwell mystery adventures is now "pocket sized" -- playable on iPhone and iPad. This 5-part series of point-and-click adventure games recently concluded on PC, and now the first three games have arrived on the App Store. See the press release below for more details and iTunes links.

Wadjet Eye's Blackwell Adventure Games Arrive on iPhone and iPad
First three installments of the haunting Blackwell mystery series now available on the App Store
NEW YORK - July 10, 2014 - Wadjet Eye Games' five part Blackwell adventure series debuts for iPhone and iPad today with Blackwell 1: Legacy, Blackwell 2: Unbound, and Blackwell 3: Convergence, universal apps now available for individual download from the App Store.
The Blackwell adventures star Rosa Blackwell, an antisocial writer and reluctant spirit medium, and Joey Mallone, a jazz-era ghost tethered to Rosa due to a mysterious family legacy. This unlikely team combs the streets of modern day New York City to investigate suspicious deaths and help confused spirits cross over. Each Blackwell installment has its own complete story and an overarching plot spans the series, meaning players can download any of today's releases for a self-contained experience, or play all three to gain a richer understanding of the Blackwell family legacy and how the stories intertwine.
Modern adventures with a retro feel, the Blackwell series features mature interactive storytelling, professional voice acting, original soundtracks, pixel art graphics reminiscent of "old school" adventure games, and optional developer commentary. The mortal Rosa and ethereal Joey are both playable characters, each with unique abilities used to solve puzzles and advance the story.
Blackwell 1: Legacy -
When Rosa Blackwell's aunt Lauren dies after twenty years in a coma, Rosa thinks the worst is over. This all changes when Joey Mallone, a sardonic ghost from the 1930s, blows into her life and tells her that she is a medium with a family legacy to uphold (whether she likes it or not). And when a series of suicides occur at a local university, Rosa -- still coming to terms with her new responsibilities -- finds herself an unwilling detective in this gruesome mystery.
Blackwell 2: Unbound -
The year is 1973. The sound of a lone, ethereal saxophone drifts over the Roosevelt Island promenade, while a series of accidents plague a midtown construction site. The citizens of Manhattan take no notice of these events, let alone think they are connected. Embittered medium Lauren Blackwell and her spirit guide Joey Mallone are the only ones who believe that there is anything strange going on, and they are the only ones who can stop an enigmatic killer from striking again...
Blackwell 3: Convergence -
A new film opens to rave reviews, despite its bloody history. A beautiful uptown office remains unoccupied, despite its prime location. A downtown artist berates himself for selling out, while a Wall Street investor congratulates himself on a job well done. Just normal life in the big city? Or is something more sinister binding these events together? Bizarre connections are a dime a dozen for the Blackwell family, but just how far back to they go? Medium Rosa Blackwell and her spirit guide Joey Mallone are about to find out.
Blackwell 1: Legacy is regularly priced at $2.99, while Blackwell 2: Unbound and Blackwell 3: Convergence are priced at $3.99 (or equivalent in local currency). Through July 17, each game is on sale for $1 off its regular price.
Today's releases join two other Wadjet Eye games on the App Store: Gemini Rue and The Shivah. The remaining Blackwell games will release for iPhone and iPad later this year, followed by the rest of Wadjet Eye's back catalog over time. The Blackwell series is also coming soon to Android, Mac, and Linux.
About Wadjet Eye Games
Founded in 2006, Wadjet Eye Games has developed a reputation for producing award winning and critically acclaimed adventure games. Committed to creating unique character-driven game experiences around recognizable brands, in 2010 Wadjet Eye expanded to support and publish games by other independent developers. The company's portfolio includes The Shivah and the Blackwell series, both of which have garnered Game Developers Choice nominations, Puzzle Bots, which was selected for the Penny Arcade Expo's PAX 10 showcase, IGF Student Showcase winner Gemini Rue, and the critically acclaimed Resonance. The company is run by husband and wife team Dave and Janet Gilbert out of their home in Brooklyn. For more information, visit
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