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With the new iPad app puzzle, Ravensburger fans and newcomers can enjoy the authentic jigsaw puzzle experience on the go - without the need of a large table and the danger of losing pieces. With nine freely selectable difficulty levels from 20 to 500 pieces and various sorting options for the app puzzle makes joy for every taste.

The 3D engine for this Ravensburger Puzzle makes for realistic three - dimensional effects and for the physically correct behavior of the puzzle pieces. The pieces are die-cut according to the original pictures from the Ravensburger puzzle production , so that no digital pieces are the same. The result on the iPad is an authentic playing feel . On the virtual jigsaw puzzle table the parts can be freely moved and rotated in 90 ° increments until you can slot them into place. The app makes excellent use of new technology to give the feel and look of the classic jigsaw puzzle.

Each image can be made into 9 different puzzle sizes, from 20 to 500 pieces. With freely selectable additional functions such as the sorting out the edges and the insertion and automatic alignment of the pieces each player finds both help and a challenge for their personal taste. Several tutorials illustrate the many ways the app can be played and thus Ravensburger Puzzle offers challenges for all age classes and skill levels .

The app comes with six motifs and 580 Coins for the built-in puzzle store. In total, over 150 designs are already available and new ones will be added weekly. A puzzle costs 100 Coins , additional coins can be bought in different sized packages.

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