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Designed by  Din Li

This is an excellent card game for 3 or 4 players but a bit of a through the motions, cat & mouse game for just 2 players. Games last 30-45 minutes and can be played by players aged 8+ (despite the box saying 10+).

The cards are all dual purpose, Gold Coins (card back) Ships with cargo (front). There are 5 colours of cards valued at 1-3 Rudders (ships wheels) and each card/ship carries a cargo. The numbers on the cards are for movement (sailing out and sailing back) and count for nothing else.

Players lay cards out sailing from home, and then on their return journey. They really need to play a minimum of 7 Rudders (sailing out) to ensure they gain at least one VP (coin). Return journey Rudders count double so you only need to play half the number to get home.

Once home players receive coins according to the value of their voyage plus they can “exhibit” (display for sale) cards at the market. Before goods can be sold at the market all types of cargo (5 colours) have to be on sale.

In a 2 player game it is easy (if you get the right value cards and play them correctly)  to manipulate the game so that you are the only ship sailing and thus you get the longest voyage bonus VP each time. You can also manipulate the market quite easily, though with 3 or 4 players both of these tactics become harder to pull off.

The game ends abruptly and the winner has the most VPs (coins) in their bank.

Play is fast and smooth with no hidden or confusing rules.

During Spiel ’12—the most important board game fair in Europe—dV Giochi will reveal its new titles: BANG! 10th Anniversary and Samurai Sword  which is based on the BANG! game mechanic system. These games will be released all over Europe at the end of October, and will be available in the U.S. about two months later (due to shipping time and customs clearance requirements).

Here’s the details on these exciting new products:

BANG! 10th Anniversary

Author: Emiliano Sciarra

Number of players: 3-7

Age: 8+

Suggested retail price: 24,99€

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the best-selling BANG!, dV Giochi will present this limited edition version. BANG! 10th Anniversary is packaged in a metal box and includes all the BANG! playing cards plus a selection of popular characters—the “Most Wanted”, if you will—from all the released expansions of BANG!. In addition, the game will feature deluxe components such as wooden bullets and maxi-sized player boards. To top it all off, there will be three previously unpublished characters and a brand new player board!

Samurai Sword

Author: Emiliano Sciarra

Number of players: 3-7

Age: 8+

Suggested retail price: 19,99€


BANG! Samurai Sword is a new game based on the proven BANG! mechanics and set in feudal Japan. In this game, the familiar features of BANG! are enhanced by more dynamic and fast-paced game play, and thanks to a new scoring system—based on honor points and resilience points—there is no player elimination: everybody gets to fight to the very end! Also, weapons and attacks are fused into a single card. BANG! Samurai Sword will be published in co-operation with the Japanese publisher Hobby Japan.


The rules for these new games will be available on the dV Giochi website’s download area starting at the end of September.


Stefano Luperto   dvGiochi

This is a really good, play occasionally, family card/board game previously known as King Me! from Mayfair Games, diGiochi, Ravensburger and a few other companies, with Daniele Barletta being the main artist on all editions

The idea is that each player has a secret goal of who they want to climb the ladder of noble success and be King. Each secret goal card has six names on it - the order has no affect - and the players get points for each name on their list when the round ends.

The round is played with Dignitaries (in this case coloured wooden counters with colourful stickers on them) being placed onto the game board -  no more than 4 on each position. Then in turn order the players begin to move the Dignitaries up towards the Throne. Once someone is there all player vote on whether they are King, thus ending the round and scores are added, or deposed and the round continues.

Each player has a fixed number of No votes and one Yes. The No votes are removed from the round once played. The game is fast and fun. There is little to think about but a good amount of Bluff and Counter-Bluff - like in Heimlich & Co. I would happily recommend this if you don’t already have King Me!


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