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ZOOLORETTO Würfenspiel is the dice game of the  successful board game which itself is based on the excellent Coloretto card game.

The Dice game version comes in a small square box, probably a little too large to fit into a regular jacket pocket, which is a shame as this really could have been, maybe should have been, a pocket travel game - it will fit in a carry bag easily though so it is quite transportable.

There is a board printed both sides, showing cage carrying trucks for 2-3 players on one side and 4 players on the reverse, a pencil (you only need one pencil but the rules say each player gets one - oops!) a score pad printed both sides and made of tough enough paper that each sheet can take several wipe-outs (by an eraser) before becoming too weak, and a set of 10 dice.

The idea of the game is to build up a Zoo by collecting animals and putting them into viewing enclosures. Each enclosure can hold a certain number of the same animal type. So you can have one Reptile, 2 Emus (Ostriches ?), 3 Monkeys, 4 Elephants and 5 Lions. You can also collect coins which may be used towards scoring in two ways as well as being a tie breaker if necessary.

Play is in turns. Each player has the option of rolling 2 dice and placing the animals on one or more trucks - each truck takes 3 animals - or they may take ALL the animals from one truck, never from two or more trucks.

When you take the animals from a truck you keep the dice and mark the animals off on your score pad. You are now effectively out of the round until all players have taken animals, then the dice are pooled again and a new round begins.

Careful and clever placing of the dice (animals) on the trucks is key to the tactics whilst the strategy is to know when to take animals and when to roll the dice. Obviously as more players take animals  there are less, down to zero, dice to roll, in which case the other players tactics could force you to take animals you don't want.

If you have one excess animal you mark off the penalty box and it will score -2 pts unless you can use the coins to negate this. If you are the first to collect all of the animals required in an enclosure you score a bonus. Coins are shown in blocks, 3 2 and 1. You have to tick them from the left, so fill up the 3 before the 2 and it is each block that can be scored or used, part blocks only count in a tie break.

Very enjoyable version of a popular game and one you should consider. Good for gamers, families and kids aged 7+



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