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has long been the name that games players turn to when they want a good, fun. game that involves ZOMBIES, but because of their scary nature, these undead creatures who rip flesh and eat brains aren't particularly palatable fair for the younger generation of games players. So in honour of the wonderfully gifted Todd, Kerry and Jonathan Breitenstein have taken Todd's extremely popular adult game and turned it around so that it can now be enjoyed by all ages, especially youngsters who can now get a kick out of (and into) beating up teen sized Zombies using such anti-violent weapons as the no-gore Narf gun and the famed Baseball Bat.The Goal of the Game is to escape, either on your own, with a buddy, or with every player safe.

Teenage Zombies are really no more than naughty boys who have formed street gangs. The players have three options of the type of game they wish to play - chosen before the game starts of course - which are either every one for themselves, semi-cooperative play or no one gets left behind. Whichever scenario you select the gameplay follows the same rules with just the occasional difference to set them apart. On their turn each player places a randomly drawn tile onto the map that is being created from the Town Square (placed at the start of the game) outwards. The town tiles are in a single stack with the last one being the Goal of the Game - the Heli-pad; this is the tile that the players need to reach to escape from the Zombies and win the game; players of the original ZOMBIES game will recognise the importance of the Heli-pad.

Unlike the ZOMBIES!!! game where players can gain points by defeating (and collecting) zombies, in ZOMBIES!!! JR it is best for the players to move their characters towards the Heli-pad and away from the Zombies. Zombies should then be moved according to the chosen scenario, away from all of the characters or towards the other player characters but always away from your own.

Components of ZOMBIES!!! the original game:  30 map tiles       50 event cards     100 plastic zombies      6 plastic humans     30 Life Tokens      60 Bullet tokens    and   2 x D6 Dice    

Components of ZOMBIES!!! JR : 15 map tiles    30 event cards   50 plastic zombies   6 plastic humans     enough Brain and POW Tokens and 1 Die (D6)

Apart from the novelty value, ZOMBIES !!! JR is a shortened and very sweet (almost cute) version of the original game (I suppose you could say that this is a cute-down-version). Instead of killing or destroying Zombies players merely give them a Time Out, the equivalent of sending them to the Sin Bin, and instead of fighting them with chainsaws, guns and other assorted weaponry the players scare the Zombies away with a bombard of sponge Narf bullets or scare them with a noisy dog etc.

The artwork is again by Dave Aikins and is wonderfully animated and colourful. The characters, baseball bat wielding kids, and the Zombies, green plastic, wide-faced, smiling, spectacle-wearing delinquents, are superbly sculpted with just the right amount of detail so as to look good without being graphically overcomplicated in description. Like all of the components these models are of very good quality, strong in design and usability - for long term playability and tough enough for the indelicate hands of younger players.

The Cards: 15 x 2 Large yellow borders around deep Salsa red backgrounds, all with strikingly brilliant illustrations.
All card descriptions are in the rules booklet as well as on the cards themselves. Some are worthy of additional mention.
Bad Luck: Re-roll one die roll - not necessarily bad luck as you can play it on yourself.
Barking Puppy: This puppy attracts Zombies by its noisy yapping.
Big Wheel: More of a Big Wheelie on a Tricycle.
Game Box 360: Reminds players that being social around a table is better than spending hours staring at a screen.

Everything about ZOMBIES!!! JR is aimed at involving the entire family in playing games together around a table. The colours immediately attract your eyes, the rules are short and well written, the pieces are bright, colourful and fun and the cards bereft of hefty textual content. Therefore if you are looking for a fun game to play with the kids that is also good (and interesting) to play as an adult - noting that so many "kids" games are fun for the young'uns but not always so for the adults - then ZOMBIES!!! JR should be high on your shopping list.





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