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NOTE: ZOMBIE ARMY 4 is Meant for Players Aged 18+. I haven't put this page behind an age limiter because there are no graphic images or distressing scenes here. For those you'll just have to get the game and play it for yourselves. It's available now and costs around £29.99.


So WWII ended and Hitler was defeated, or so you thought. But nein! nein! nein! Hitler arose and brought forth all the dead of the world and formed an unstoppable army of zombies under his command. Heroes stepped up, took on this army of dead beings and eventually got through to the command itself, grabbing Hitler and tossing him off a mountain into the swirling vitriol of another existence, way away from the Earth (or at least very deeply into its bowels). The Head of the Snake was dead so surely the body (ie the army) would follow?

With no purpose, no leader, no plans all the dead dropped to the ground and were soon buried again six feet or more down and the Earth returned to its usual peaceful self.

Did it 'eckers like !!!!


Choose Easy Death, Medium Death or Hard Death

With Hitler gone forever the zombie army continue to lumber aimlessly around killing anything remotely living. Step forward another group of nutters (err I mean 'heroes' of course).

Run through the regular build-up rules to get your character into the action as quick as you can. Listen to what you are told and then make your way to your first point of human contact - the Train Station - of course! What could be easier to defend against a shambling horse than a Train Station with numerous ways in and out and so large as to be indefensible - at least you have a 50cal mounted maching gun to cut the approaching zombies down with - you have it for about 30 seconds before it runs out of ammo - by this time there should be a pile of zombies just in front of you, and another continuous sea of zombies just behind them.


Things are desperate. Earthquakes occur irregularly doing additional damage to your defensive hold, but there is still time to run round collecting pages from Comic Books, Documents and other paraphenalia that will boost your final score. There is even time to have a chat with one or two soldiers in the Station, or better still, pop down to the ZombieShoot range.

Setup like a fairground attraction Zombies are strapped onto moving rails and suchlike. A disembodied voice sarcastically takes the mickey as you line up your shots. To begin with a steady hand is all you need and headshots are easily made - a mocking automatic voice from the game's speakers calling out when you make a good or poor shot. This is like shooting fish in a barrel, apparently. I have shot ducks off a moving rail before but never fish in a barrel.

At the ZombieShoot counter you will notice the sign 'Avoid Civilians' but looking around there are no civilians to be seen. So the next wave of zombie targets begin as their cogs and chains click into gear. As you take careful aim your sights are suddenly filled by a girl wearing a floral dress and looking nothing like a zombie - civilians! Closer inspection shows that this is all the same girl and is a mannequin not a real live woman. In fact if you take the time to search the store-room next door you can find the remains of damaged mannequins just to put your mind at ease.

From here on it's a full-on assault of and by zombies. At first you can run past them in the street if you don't stop to fight them. You can run and blast them with your shotgun but as expected any noise brings more towards it, and if you are the source of the noise !!!

Throughout the game (third-person blood & guts & brains) shooter there are things that will help you and things that will frustrate you. For example you can find crates of equipment and in some will be medical supplies -  a healing kit! You may only carry one of these at a time, so find a crateful (usually 4) use one and grab another. Whatever the maximum number of bullets/shells your guns take is the maximum number of bullets/shells you can carry.

For me it beats the majority of other Zombie games on the computer, or in my case the PS4, because it is more defined, the zombies aren't lumbering clones in murky dark areas. They come into the light so you can see them in all their illustrative glory. Beautifully cast, fabulous 3D backgrounds, puts you in the middle of this war, I'm just glad it isn't in Virtual Reality (two reasons; one is I don't have VR setup for my PS4, the other being I would probably suffer a heart attack seeing the zombies in ultra HD VR 3D, they are real enough as it is. If I turned my VR capped head and saw them about to tap me on the shoulder (with or without a weapon) I am not certain my health would like it.

These Zombies don't shoot guns but they do carry weapons they can strike with; not that they need them with their sharp, strong fingers and nasty gnashers ... oooohher I just shivered as I wrote that and thought of them in my face.

As of this moment in time ZOMBIE ARMY 4 is the best zombie invasion shooter I have seen or played. The animation is amazing, the graphics are excellent and the locations are cleverly crafted. I do have to admit that the gameplay is not too different from the other games of this type but there just seems to be an atmosphere here, and a feeling that you really are making a difference with each dead person you make dead again.

It has the necessary flamboyancy and light humour mixed in with the subject of gory death and exhileration from making a long distance sniper shot through a zombie's brain.

Would I recommend it? That's one of the main things a review is supposed to do, not just give you an idea of the game, but whether the reviewer can suggest it as a good purchase. There is a get-out for all reviewers, more than one actually. The first is that a review, criticism, analysis, reflection, consideration, whatever you like to call it, is subjective to the reviewer - it is only an opinion. The second get-out and most often used is the sentence opener "If you like this type of game ...."

The reviewer has to assume that the reader has seen the game in a shop, online etc. and has searched for a review of it, thus knowing what type of game it is before they read the review. The title of the review or the game (especially the title as some reviewers like to be cute - hopefully amusingly so at times) should give the reader some idea as to its type. 

With that last sentence still ringing in your ears as long as you are of reasonably sensible age (18 is recommended) for the content and know there will be blood, gore and body parts flying across the screen then I say to you, go for it!


A Reprise

Basic Zombie kill-fest. Great fun, super locations, great weapons choice. The usual glut of ammunition is available when you begin in the 'safe' place which becomes a hunt and scrabble for more ammo when you have been out in the killing fields and your guns are empty.

Grenades and mines are useful but you only have a few of each and there are always more zombies than you can shake a stick at - that's not such a good idea either, shaking a stick at them!
You can fight them in melee as long as it's one on one (or perhaps you versus two) but once they get ganged up on you life is going to be real short.
Lots of zombies, lots of fun - focused head shots are viewed from the bullets point of view as it travels and curves towards its target.
You get a 'second chance' by killing zombies while you are in-between dead and living (first death only) but there is only one second chance you get no more.
When you die x 2 it's Game Over, wait a second or two and watch your body rise up and join the zombie ranks ....


Rising Feb 4, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store for PC.

The year is 1946. A year ago Hitler, defeated, initiated “Plan Z” Now Europe lies in ruins.

A brave band of heroes managed to cast the zombie army and the demon Führer back to hell. But little do they know… HITLER’S HORDES ARE BACK FOR MORE!


Featuring drop-in, drop-out co-op from start to finish!

Extend your SLAYcation in the expanded Horde Mode. The longer you survive, the bigger the map gets. How long can you fight back without joining the horde of the LIVING DEAD?

Creep across corpse-riddled Venice canals! Survive a zombie zoo!

Unlock dozens of skills, special attacks, weapon upgrades, cosmetic items, emotes and more.

Harness divine devastation! Stun hordes into shock with electricity!

Upgraded for the undead and now includes traps and explosives!

Developer:  Rebellion     Publisher:  Rebellion   

Tags:  Multiplayer  (1-4)  Shooter (third person perspective)   

Rating: PEGI 18


Experience blood-curdling new campaign missions for 1-4 players.
New playable characters to be used in any mode.
Weapon bundles including new weapons, charms, skins and more.
Customise your weapons, with effects ranging from wrapping paper to hot lava.
Dress up your characters with new outfits and hats.


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