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This is a new game in the Twilight Creation range of Zombie games. It is quite different from their usual
Zombie games mainly because there are no miniatures, no map boards and no main board. Instead each
player has their own Arrow based Tracker board which they use to keep track (surprisingly) of their Health
(as in Life) and Distance away from Zombies and towards the Helicopter and safety.

The Components are heavy duty card counters - a mix of Events and Items - a regular D6 (faces 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6)
and six Zombie dice with six unique faces - 1 man running 2 men running (these are for distance and when rolled
move the Arrow on the Distance Tracker towards 16 and safety), A Star (each event is described in the rules), A
Gun (an item) and one or two Zombie heads (loss of Health, 1 or 2). Then there are the counters for Events and Items,
marked on the back with either a Star or a Gun (shuffled so that you get a random one, though you do know if it will
be an Event or Item).

The game idea is that, as in the original Zombies game with miniatures, you are trying to escape the Zombie Horde
and get to the escape helicopter which is 16 Blocks away - this distance is shown by the Arrow on the Distance Chart
- you begin at "1" and are safe after you pass "16" (not land on it).  Of course with your health beginning on "3" if you
lose  health past "1" then you are eaten and out of the game. (the latter is true, the former doesn't really happy - unless
you have friends who take things too far.

The mechanic of the game is dice rolling and that is the fun and the horror of it all. The dice make and break the game.
To begin with each turn the player whose go it is rolls the Black D6 to discover the number of Zombies in their way of
their escape. So for example if you roll a "1" you only have to defeat one Zombie, but if you roll a "6" there are six brain
eaters in your path. If the Zombie(s) aren't defeated then you take ONE health hit no matter how many Zombies there are.

Once you have rolled the Black die you then roll all six of the special dice. You now need to roll at least as many Zombie
heads as the result of the Black D6. If you do this you place the Zombie head dice aside as you have defeated the Zombie(s),
then you check the results of the remaining dice and activate them. Guns give you Items, though you can only have one Item
at any time and although you can discard an item from your hand you can only do it at the end of your turn, thus making the
remaining dice showing the Gun icon of no use. The same goes for any Stars rolled and the Event tokens. Afterwards you look
at the Running Man/Men icons on the dice. One man moves you one space towards freedom, two men move you two spaces.

Then it is the next player's turn and they follow the same mechanic, roll the D6, fight the Zombies, etc.....

The game can be a bit of a laugh, and it is usually over in a very short time, ensuring that players knocked out (as in eaten) do
not have a long wait twiddling their thumbs. It is obviously heavily weighted on the Zombies winning and you know this from
the start - for example if you roll three high numbers on the Black die you will almost certainly be out on turn 3.

I think that if the front of the box art was tempered down then the 13+ age limit would come down to about 7+ as there is nothing
in the actual play for young players to be concerned with. In my way of describing games I would call this a light and fluffy game
for Twilight Creations games fans and dice-game collectors.



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