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Three weeks ago we launched a Kickstarter project for our next boardgame ‘Zambezi’, which we plan to publish in September.
The project can be seen via the following link :
We are now in the final week of the project, and we have almost funded! We just need a few more pledges to see us over the line.
For an independent description and assessment of Zambezi, there is a nice news item on The Dice Tower:
Now on Kickstarter: Zambezi: The Expedition Game by Burley Games | Dice Tower News
Now on Kickstarter: Zambezi: The Expedition Game 
Please take your time to look at the project. If it is something that interests you, it would be great if  you could help us by pledging your support. 
Apologies for cold-calling you with this email. If you would prefer not to receive further messages about Burley Games products, please just reply to this email, asking me to take you off my list.
We would be very grateful for your support in making this new and exciting project a success!
For those of you who have already pledged your support, thank you very much for doing so! Your help is much appreciated!
Thanks and best regards,
Peter Burley
"It is the late 1950s. You are a daring tugboat captain, exploring the mysterious depths of southern Africa. Be the first to sail your vessel from Victoria Falls along the famous Zambezi river to Lake Kariba. On the way you must avoid hungry crocodiles, which cause you to burn valuable fuel units, and rocks, which result in your crew members being lost overboard and may delay your tugboat's progress."
The Zambezi Board

The Zambezi Board  

Zambezi is best played as a full Expedition Game where aspects other than racing are taken into account, such as picking up commodities en-route and making documentaries about the wildlife of the Zambezi Delta.

Alternatively, for a shorter game, it can be played as a straightforward River Race, where nothing is collected along the way. The first boat to reach Lake Kariba is the winner!"

The Zambezi Box

The Zambezi Box

Zambezi is a fun board game that is ideal for the family market, but also one which has sufficient depth of strategy and competitive edge to appeal to (and amuse) the more experienced gamer. Decisions require to be made regarding the management of your resources, particularly your precious units of fuel, which you need use sparingly to help you navigate around the many hazards on the river. You will need to try to preserve and maintain your crew (who tend to get lost overboard if you hit rocks or other boats during your journey). And you must try to avoid the spaces that contain nasty groups of hungry crocodiles. If you land on these, you will have to burn lots of valuable fuel on your next turn to allow you to escape from them.

Animals of the Zambezi Delta

Animals of the Zambezi Delta  

The movement of tugboats in the game is card-driven. The numbers on the cards indicate how far you can travel down the river, but the cards also contain pictures of various different animals that live in the Zambezi Delta. As well as being used for tugboat movement, the cards can be collected, in matching sets, to become 'documentaries' about these animals. The beautiful artwork for these animal cards (and that for the game-board) was created by Vicki Dalton (who was, until recently, Vicki Paull).  

At the end of the Expedition Game, the player with the most Victory Points is declared the winner (and most daring explorer). Victory Points are scored for:

reaching Lake Kariba before your rivals get there.

collecting treasure (diamonds, gold and silver) from landing stages.

creating the 'best' (i.e. the longest) documentary about one of the animals of the Zambezi Delta.

the amount of fuel you have left at the end of the game.

This points-scoring structure means that there is more than one strategy you can adopt to try to win the game.

The Tugboat Control Boards

The Tugboat Control Boards    

The game includes the following components:   

One Gameboard Map

Animal Cards

A deck of 110 cards, separated into 9 animal 'suits' as follows:   

Lions (13 cards)

Giraffes (13 cards)

Hippos (13 cards)

Cheetahs (6 cards)

Gorillas (13 cards)

Zebras (13 cards)

Snakes (13 cards)

Hornbills (13 cards)

Flamingos (13 cards)     

Tugboats     Eight miniature tugboats, each in a different colour (red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black and white)   

Tugboat Control Boards     Eight 'press-out' printed cardboard images of the eight tugboats, one in each of the colours listed above. These are where you put your crew members and fuel units.    

Crew Members   For each tugboat, five crew members matching the colour of the tugboat.   

Fuel   128 black octagonal tokens representing the fuel that the tugboats will use.    


8 octagonal 'silver' tokens     8 octagonal 'gold' tokens    8 octagonal 'diamond' tokens  

'Zambezi' Drawstring Bag  A black felt  bag (with 'Zambezi' printed on it in white) for holding the Zambezi treasure.  

The Hippo Pool

The Hippo Pool      

Gameplay Videos   

For further detail on how the game is played, several videos are available, via the following links:  

A review created by W. Eric Martin for Board Game Geek:  

Two reviews  (one in English and the other in German) by Andreas Buhlmann for Cliquenabend:  

English version:   
German version:

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