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Kasedo Games Announce ZAMB! Biomutant Extermination For PC
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Leicester, UK, 3rd April 2014Kasedo Games is pleased to announce a publishing agreement with developer Nano Games to release ZAMB! Biomutant Extermination for PC via digital distribution and will be availble on Steam Early Access from 11th April 2014 for the special price of £9.99/€11.49/$14.99.
ZAMB! is a 3D isometrical action game that takes the fun accessibility of a twin-stick shooter and combines it with the tactical strategy of tower defense. Play as two special operatives as you blast your way through the futuristic asteroid base of a diabolical mad scientist using an array of huge weapons and clever gadgetry.
Eliminate the biomutant threat using the brute strength of Cye; or out-smart the enemy with the engineer Chrome and his range of powerful AI turrets. Make the most of their unique abilities by quickly swapping between Cye and Chrome – or employ the services of a loyal friend and work together in action-packed local co-op multiplayer.

Play as two special operatives and fight your way through a mad scientist's secret asteroid base whilst defending yourself against his army of evil mutants. The amazing brawler Cye is trained in melee combat and uses powerful gadgets of mass destruction; or out-smart the enemy with the master tactician Chrome, an agent of ranged warfare and master of AI turret defence systems.
Develop the skills of your Agent, increase their power and overcome 24 uniquely challenging levels which get harder as you progress. Will you use a “punch now, ask questions later” approach? Or are you a tactical genius that tricks the enemy into bottle necks, melting them down with a devastating turret barrage?
Play solo, or draft in a loyal friend for epic Co-op action. Use everything at your disposal in order to eliminate the mutant army and put a stop to their evil before it spreads across the universe.
Final features of ZAMB! Biomutant Extermination (Steam Early Access features may vary)

ZAMB! Biomutant Extermination will be released digitally for PC on Steam Early Access on 11th April 2014 – for more information visit

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