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After many e-mails and direct messages from you all, stating things like "Will there be a chance to get Yedo Deluxe Master Set?", or "I missed Kickstarter :("...
We decided to go back to our roots of Yedo campaign tag-line:
YEs we DO!
That's right! On the 26th of October, we will launch a Kickstarter campaign for the 2nd printing of YEDO Deluxe Master Set! What a surprise!!!   Unboxing Video

What is this campaign about?
It's all about "a second chance" for all those who missed the first Kickstarter and also for those who wanted to add some of those awesome coins, wooden annexes or game mats but forgot to do that in the Pledge Manager.
Is there any NEW content or components planned for this campaign?
No. This campaign includes everything from the first one, with all unlocked Stretch Goals and add-ons. There won't be any new game content this time.
So if you are a full-pledge backer from our previous campaign, you are not missing anything!
What you should know about this second print campaign:
❇️ It will last only for 12 days.
❇️ Content-wise, the second print contains the same elements as in the first campaign.
❇️ All 26 Stretch Goals from the previous campaign are unlocked and included from the very beginning!
❇️ The games will be delivered in April 2021 (so within 6 months from the moment the Kickstarter campaign is over).
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