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New updates for Word Trick®

New updates for Word Trick from Outplay Entertainment!

Word Trick iOS Free features:

·        Full screen iPhone 5 support.

·        Full screen iPad support.

·        New 2 player layout for Game Screen showing profile images (all devices).

·        New 'Chat' panel layout.

Word Trick iOS Paid features:

·        Those who purchase the paid version of the game will have a total of 50 games slots.

·        Those who already have the paid version of the game will unlock the extra game slots when they update.

·        Once a player purchases the paid version of the game, 50 game slots are unlock across all their devices and Facebook.




Please find new iPad and iPhone 5 screenshots here 

Grab the game here and start playing now!

Word Trick on the App Store:

Word Trick on Google Play:

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