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Wildermyth is a character-driven randomly generated tactical role-playing game.
The game is developed by Worldwalker Games LLC, and is currently in Early Access beta.

Wildermouth website

Ever wanted to play a comic book? If your answer is 'yes' then this could well be the game for you.

Wildermouth is a role-play style adventure in which you build up a group of characters. enlisting them as you go, and set off on a series of mysterious adventures. Like most RPG missions you are rewarded at the successful completion of each. This is usually in health, experience and equipment (mostly magical). Only characters that can use and carry weapons etc that are found during searches may take them, you can freely give them to your characters but that's where the 'freely part' ends, you cannot swap the majority (if any) of items between characters.

The game is played in a windowed book-page style area with generally static backgrounds and characters that are 'flats' (not 2D or 3D) that hilariously bounce across the floor when being moved. Everything is controlled with the Mouse though some useful keys can make life easier if utilised.

The best way for me to review this game is to show you a number of screenshots I took during play. This way you can judge for yourself the beauty of the graphics and visual examples of play. So open the book and begin reading the story within.









So that's it. Read the text, make your own choice when options allow, follow the route that is basically laid out in linear fashion, mostly although the map shows different regions only one is ever available for you to visit. Click on points or flags in the area and wait for the game to randomly create the scenario and creatures you are to face.

Have fun!

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