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WILD STAR: RELOADED on STEAM from NCSoft & Carbine.                  Free to Play Trailer HERE

First impression: Superb adventure & action game. Great 3D effect. Full, hi-colour graphics. Excellent animation.


An MMO that looks and plays like an arcade game with the fluidity and the missions, tasks, actions and fun of a role-playing tabletop game. Players first get to select their side in the conflict; Dominion or Exiles. After selecting a side there are four races (per side) to choose one from.
Dominion: Draken; Mchari; Cassian and Chua
Exiles: Granok; Human; Avrin or Mordesh

Each Race has available to them a variety of classes; such as: Explorer; Scientist; Settler; Soldier; Engineer; Esper; Medic; Spellslinger; Stalker; Warrior .....

A few examples of what they can do:
Soldier: Fight / Claim Territory / Weapon Systems etc.
Settler: Tame the Land/animals / Establish Towns / Settlements  etc.
Scientist: Knowledge / Use of ScanBots / Research etc.
Explorer: Discover uncharted territory / find hidden pathways / locate relics etc.


For the record I have only played one Race and one character to date: A Cassian Spellslinger - a gunfighter type with fast draw skills, weapon knowledge and spell casting. To date I have "died" twice and accepted resurrection at the nearest shrine rather than pay hard-earned cash to resurrect on my death spot.

Having chosen my character, race and class there is the usual customisation available whereby I get to change the face, hair, colouring etc. before heading off to get my first quest - given by an NPC with a recognisable mark over its head. This is similar to the majority of MMOs, free to play or pay monthly - most quests (to date) have been delivered to the NPC who gave them, with a couple of exceptions that complete on the road.

The first quest was actually a choice of quests. I plumped to search Levian Bay with Artemis Zin for the Elder Cube. This turned out to be a good, long, series of tasks and quests and not just the usual first mission of "go kill 6 whatevers and return to the quest-giver" as most MMO first quests are. The more I played, the deeper involved I became and the more I really like it.

If you fight and win you gain experience and possibly loot (pressing "V" in the vicinity of fallen loot automatically gathers it). If you get injured during the combat you will auto heal quickly when the fight is won. There are also available healing injections that you can use during combat if required.


For anyone who has played an MMO of any kind everything will come naturally. There are no great surprises, nothing really different as far as quests, skills, action and so forth are concerned but there is a real sense of belonging. It is a thoroughly enjoyable game to play, solo or otherwise, and is actually an adventure that can be played solo satisfactorily, whereas many MMO style games are created only for group play or perhaps just the occasional solo character of the right race and class with the correct clothing and equipment. WILD STAR allows you to play at your speed, except when against the clock, and gives you license for free roaming.

It is pretty, pleasurable to view, exciting to play and attention grabbing, addictive and oh so more-ish; definitely a game where time will pass quickly the more you play it.


I have only played solo though I have seen messages from other players appear onscreen and have seen other player characters on the same quests as myself. In this game style I usually wait for someone else to communicate with me, unless I really am stuck and in need of assistance. In Wild Star I received no requests to join a group or a guild (if they exist) nor did anyone speak to me. Whether this was because everyone is like me and just finding their way and to date there has been no necessity of assistance. Every fibre of my MMO mentality screams that this game is set up for solo play and yet I also get the feeling that community play is expected.

My feeling is that this has every possible opportunity to join the ranks of the big name MMOs that trip readily off the tongue amongst internet gamers. It would be great to see it being played and mentioned in television shows in the same way World of Warcraft has become a favourite for the geeks and nerds especially in tv cop shows. Not a game to play occasionally, this is all-in or all-out , no half measures.

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