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White Noise 2 is available on Steam Early Access priced at $7.99 / €7.99 / £5.59.
Early Access has two options - join a game online or play with yourself - and two scary locations that most people would never enter on their own, the abandoned St. John’s Hospital and the wooded Norwood Priory.
Players can team with three other players online to explore these locations and search wildly and blindly for 8 hidden tapes, or tyhey can play the monstrous nightmare of a creature that haunts and roams these locations doing its utmost to prevent the characters being successful in their search. MILKSTONE STUDIOS had a wonderful success with the original WHITE NOISE and are now offering the sequel and requesting that you 


To begin with there are four characters to choose from, Iker, Anna, Rinko and Phileas, with several more that can be unlocked as successes are gained. Each character has a couple of traits specific to them as well as eight regular statistics; Speed, Endurance, Bravery, Battery Management, Stealth, Exploration and Vitality, none of which help you in any way if the creature catches up with you.

The characters each have varying degrees of excellence in their statistics, ranging from Very Low, through to Very High, with Low, Standard and High in-between. Characters begin with one choice of skin complexion which can change as there are 3 locked options, their Flashlights also have 3 locked options for better and longer lasting batteries. Throwing light sticks in the opposite direction to your travel will put the beast on the wrong track for a short while but there are also totems that call the creature to you.

This is a weird game but it does what it is meant to, and that is make you jump when the creature is suddenly upon you, especially when you are playing solo. I am not even sure if it is possible to succeed playing a solo character in either of the locations.

Your flashlight also draws the creature towards you so whenever you can it is best to move without it, though of course this means you can't see where you are going. The R key occasionally supposedly sets you on course towards the next Tape by way of a full or partial green circle but my luck in using it has generally allowed the beast to find me at the same time as I was about to find the tape.

WHITE NOISE 2 isn't my favourite type of game as I don't have enough control on my chosen character's actions, however it is fun, good to play free for the first few searches and is a good scary adventure for a dark quiet night. Not for the feint-hearted or anyone who scares or worries easily or who has a heart condition.

Running away from the creature works as long as you hear it coming first and run without your light on, but in general running does nothing except warn the beast that you are near and moving.

This is a rare old trip into what I remember as the good old days of black & white  B - Movie horror films and I am sure it will make stomachs flutter and hearts beat faster, but don't be holding any glasses of drink or big bags of poppycorn whilst playing it.

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