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WARTUNE is one of the free to play games available from Kabam.

Like all of these ftp games you start with the speed of a bullet, gaining
levels with every completed Quest, until you get to the point where it
becomes necessary to begin paying actual cash for continual advancement.

Of course you can continue without paying but the game slows down
considerably and many things are not available to you unless you take the
VIP package.

The game is of the Build, Fight, Farm and Conquer style, like Warcraft
(not WoW but the original PC game) and Command & Conquer. All
that you would expect to find is in this game. You have a Town Hall
which needs to be upgraded before you can upgrade any other building.
The Barracks can produce troops up to the level of the Barracks, which
is of course controlled by the level of the Town Hall.

The number of troops you can purchase is determined by the number of
people in the Village, and once again the size of the Village is determined
by the size of the Town Hall - everything is tied together neatly.

You can take over Gold Mines and mines of other minerals, usually getting
them at first through questing, you can also raid opposition Towns. 

You star with a character who is either an Archer, Knight or Mage (male or
female) and then you start by following the tutorial - no choice. Once you
reach Level 5 you can name your avatar (character) and from then on any
text onscreen relating to them addresses them by their given name.

In most quests you are led by the map - you can only go to where you are
meant to because of the perametres of the area the quest but seeing as the
quest is all you need to do in those areas (you get teleported there) they
serve their purpose.

Even though there is nothing new or different from most other games of this
ilk. it's still fun to play,especially while you are playing for free. 

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