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Wartune Open Beta Welcomes New Warriors
Public testing well underway for NGames' new strategy/RPG hybrid MMO

NGames, a leading online games publisher, is delighted to announce that the open beta test for new strategy/RPG hybrid MMO, Wartune, is now live and currently welcoming new warriors via the online games portal. 

Wartune is an exciting new hybrid MMORPG where the action begins with the first click. Featuring single and mulitplayer dungeons, PvP arenas, competitive battlegrounds, thousand-player boss battles, a robust guild system, and...farming; Wartune combines fan-favourite features from a multitude of multiplayer gaming genres and wraps them all up in foreboding fantasy setting. 

Publisher NGames has launched a plethora of special events for the Wartune Open Beta, each designed to immerse players in the games dangerous fantasy universe, and help them dominate it! Through good deeds and heroic actions, the heavens will shine on players, the birds and angels will sing, and the winds will whisper their names. Well, they'll be rewarded with in-game prizes anyway. 

Since March 26th - when the current testing period launched - players have been earning extra in-game items and VIP tokens throughout the Wartune beta, simply for playing and testing the games many quests and dungeons. 

At level 16, when rescuing the fair priestess of Saliora, Dinah, players have been blessed by Saliora herself with potions and quick-levelling items. As fledgling warriors answer their true call at level 25, vouchers, gold, and epic, high-level weaponry have been gifted to them to further aid their levelling progress. Appeasing the bards of Balenor by reaching level 32 is also ensuring another haul of goodies for brave warriors, including a massive 100,000 gold, 200 vouchers and epic level 40 weapons. 

Seasoned MMO players know they can never get to the top by themselves. The WarTune Open Beta has been actively rewarding players for teamwork, handing out collective rewards of gold, gems, weapons, items, and more to guilds that hit levels 5 – 7. 

Players striving to become a legend of Balenor must do so by raising their Battle Rating through successful battles and character customisations. Wartune's Open Beta period has so far seen the top 10,000 players with the highest Battle Rating rewarded with bags of gold and Daru, while the top 3 have walked away with some very special prizes. 

Throughout the beta, players recharging their Balens (WarTune's in-game currency) are also being rewarded with extra gold, Daru, and various gameplay perks, including increased Stamina attributes, extra tokens, and rare gems. Sometimes, it pays to recharge! 

Players are also being rewarded for putting the Gem Synthesizing system though its paces. By tinkering with gems to create higher level items, warriors are being rewarded with more gems for their efforts – opening up the possibility of a near-endless supply of high-level gems throughout the beta. 

Furthermore, from April 2nd – 20th, players can complete Bounty Quests to unlock bags of bonus booty; defeat World Bosses to receive extra rewards; receive even more freebies when they top up their accounts; and even earn rewards for simply logging into the game and playing on a daily basis. 

With more prizes on offer, as well as special, limited edition item packs currently on sale, now is the time to heed the call of the Wartune and get involved with the Wartune Open Beta test. 
Wartune is a new hybrid MMORPG currently in Open Beta on the Interested players can create a warrior and join the action now. 

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