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ISSUE 30 NOVEMBER 2014  THE FINAL ISSUE  192 Pages, £14

Key: W1: WFRP1 Rules, W2: WFRP2 Rules, W3: WFRP3 Rules, WR: Generic rules,  S: Scenario, B: Background.

For a number of years John Foody and friends have published Warpstone a pro-am independent magazine for players of Games Workshop's WFRPG WARHAMMER FANTASY ROLEPLAY game. My understanding is that this has always been a work of love by all concerned, unsupported or even truly wanted by the powers that are GW in the UK and FFG in the US despite the great assistance it has been to thousands of the game's players. Sadly, things have reached a position where the editors have had to pull the plug, but they have done so with aplomb, producing a double-sized issue filled to the brim with amazing artwork and superbly scribed features.

This is a MUST for all WFRPG players.


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