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Warframe: the Silver Grove is a free-to-play action based shoot em  up from Digital Extremes for SteamPS4 and Xbox One.
The players are members of theTenno who are an ancient suddenly awoken from cryosleep to discover they were at war.

There are three choices of character you can choose to play. EXCALIBUR who are the most balanced and excellent for new
players; the MAG who are very good at manipulating their enemies and finally VOLT who control electrical energy which they
can shoot like lightning bolts, hitting and killing any number of enemy units within the arc and range.

My first choice was to play VOLT as I liked the idea of the lightning bolts and I have to say the first few hours of play have been
exhilerating. I have yet to play the other two characters and also yet to finish the adventure I started so these notes are about
the game as it is to the point I have reached.


Despite having three characters to choose from there is no Easy, Medium or Hard experience levels to the game. I would guess
that you get stronger and harder to defeat as the game and you progress, but so far I have managed to only kill myself by missing
a jump and falling into an abyss; I haven't fallen at the hands of the enemy ... yet!

Having played through the first chapter as a VOLT I would definitely take more care on the use of my lightning bolts if I were
to start again with the same character. It is very easy to fall into the habit of using the powerful strikes from your hands and if,
like me, you don't realise that the energy this uses can quickly be exhausted, you suddenly find yourself waving empty hands at
the adversaries as they charge towards you with big guns.


There are weapons caches around and you have audible assistance and a map to help you find them. Each cache has two weapons
of which you can select one. There are swords, guns, bows and staves etc and when you take a new one you still have the choice of
the others, using the numbers or F to flip through the options. You also get the choice of secondary weapons, Lato's, Kunai's etc.

So even if you choose to play a VOLT who are primarily an alternative to gun fighting you still have a good selection of weapons
to fall back on.

WARFRAME's designers have spared no expense on the interactive design of the areas and passageways, the buildings, ruins and
futuristic "abandoned factory" arenas. Many of the drums, barrels, boxes and electronic consoles are there to be smacked, smashed
and searched. Moving over the many glowing pick-ups will automatically refilly uour ammunition, health etc but energy is so much
harder to refill, there are no quick fixes if you drain your power.


Apart from the enemy units there are other surprises you can run into, one being energy bolts from above that are able to follow you
everywhere, even when you are inside of buildings and tunnels. Locating the off switch sets you on a route through the labyrinth but
once you find it you need to get into the exact correct position - look for the text box reminder and click the X while that is in view.


I have played through to the start of the second Chapter and have yet to find the part where, like all FTP games, I am asked to buy
weapons, equipment or whatever to make my life easier. I can't believe that a game this good is totally free with no advertising or
sales pitch, but in all honest, I haven't come across it yet.

With or without the sales pitch if you are into science fiction fast paced action shooters and have Steam installed give WARFRAME
a spin, I am pretty sure you will find it hard to stop after the first few minutes. 


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