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New Context Explodes onto the War Rock Universe

Challenging new maps, exciting inventory expansions and unmissable in-game events make for the biggest War Rock update this year

Luxemburg, 21st June 2013 – NEXON Europe is proud to announce the most extensive update to War Rock so far this year. From today players will be able to access inventory expansion packs, fight off a zombie invasion, and take part in several in-game events running through the rest of June and the first days of July. Even more exciting content comes with the addition of two new maps including the landmark Denkmal map. Based on Völkerschlatsdenkmal and Semperoper monuments in Germany, players can fight in streets lifted directly from Leipzig and Dresden. With a classical design reminiscent of historical German cities, the map provides the most authentic battle experience yet.  

A critical battle is about to start near the old monument of Denkmal. NIU believes that there is an ancient document that can change the course of the war, little do they know that Dedbaran is searching for it as well. Indoor and outdoor areas create diverse battle environment while a disconcertedly idyllic look creates one of the most intense and haunting War Rock experience yet. Narrow streets, low building and scant high vantage points keeps players on edge and forces them into fast paced close quarter combat. This map is not for the faint hearted.

Outpost Map 
Fight back against the zombie horde in the Outpost map. Players will have to make their way through dark bunkers and try to survive the zombie apocalypse. With zombies at their back, it’s not that easy to find the entrance to the hidden underground base - the only place to hide from the zombie horde. The Outpost map is the ultimate test of survival.

Inventory Packs 
With new terrain comes new gear for the battles ahead. Players can boost their capacity with the inventory expansion, save their skin with medical enhancements or bring terror to the battlefield with the deadly new Vector Black.

In-Game Events 
To celebrate the update a variety of exciting new events will be launching across June and July. All players will be richly rewarded with the Hot Time Random Box, and dedicated players will be recognised for playing for seven consecutive days.

With new maps, gear and events coming, there has never been a better time to take up arms in War Rock. To find out more about War Rock, visit the website:

To view the trailer on YouTube 

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