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Calling All War Rock Troopers,

Create your own community event!

Luxembourg 12th March 2013 ­ NEXON Europe has launched a new community initiative to engage and interact with the dedicated War Rock community. Players have been asked to design their own in-game events to receive rewards and bonus items. This activity is just one way in which NEXON Europe is reaching out to the community to really make a difference with their valued feedback.

Through the War Rock forums, players can leave all aspects of their dream in-game event, which NEXON Europe will review and design for successful entries. Since the launch of this initiative, there has been a hugely positive influx of activities from the community, which has shown just how active and engaged they are.

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Boris Lombardi, Operations Specialist for NEXON Europe comments, ³With this event we want to give every community and fan website a fair chance of seeing their most wanted event come to life. We had such good experiences with preparing events with loyal users and fan and community websites in the past that we absolutely want to give something back and extend the fun and competition we already have in War Rock.²

To find out more about War Rock, visit the website:

About War Rock

Based on the in-house developed ³Jindo Engine², War Rock is a fast paced, a large-scale FPS that offers nothing less than unique battlefields, remarkable game modes, and a hardcore class system and numerous vehicles.  The game provides fast, yet fun, action in the Close-Quarter Combat Modes (CQC), and inspire users to survive in the co-operative ³AI Mode² with their own driving and piloting skills.


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