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WALK the PLANK a Card Game published by Mayday Games and designed by Shane Steely & Jared Tinney


In the past few years, since I have come to have knowledge of MAYGAY GAMES, they have published a
number of fun and quality games. The first time I cam across Mayday I was fortunate to obtain the excellent,
fun and family game Toc Toc Woodman. Last year it was the shark-eating-people game Get Bit that caught
my eye, and my leg, my arm and half my left foot, and this year MAYDAY are going back to the water with
Walk the Plank a sister game to Get Bit which again puts meeples in deadly danger, this time though they are
hoping to prevent losing their lives in Davy Jones Locker deep in the vast Meeple Pirate Ocean.

  Davy Jones' Locker      NEW - Mats for GET BIT
                                                                                                                                                        and WALK the PLANK

The players represent the Crew on a Pirate ship who have been too busy eating, drinking and sleeping to do any
actual Pirating. Because of this, the Captain has decided that all bar 2 of your meeple pirates must Walk the Plank
and jump into the gaping maw of Davy Jones' Locker. The last 2 pirates left on board are saved from a fate worse
than watching Pirates of the Caribbean for the 14th time.

The board is a large cardboard tile printed to look like wooden floorboards, the planks on a ship, and 3 small square
planks - you can see the main board and 2 of the smaller ones + meeples in the picture above (found on the internet).

The players have 3 Pirate Meeples each and 10 cards (identical sets) in their chosen colour. One player is chosen as
the start player but all players select 3 cards from their set and place them face down in a row, the one to the leftmost
being the first card to be played by each player, so selection and positioning are important.

So the first player turns over their leftmost card and performs the action on it - they must perform the action if they can.
Then the second player performs the action on their first card and so on. Once it gets back to the first player the second
card is played and then finally the third. Then the Captain (first player token) is passed on counter-clockwise and a new
round  begins. Play continues like this until there are only 2 Pirates left on the ship/plank (or pirates, any number, of the
same colour) at the end of a round.

A few of the cards can only be played at certain times, Charge for example, plus some of the cards have a skull on them,
aka Skully, which means that these cards cannot be played two turns in a row. At the end of each complete round the
cards are collected back into the player's hands (except those with Skully on them) so they can be chosen for the next

Players with no pirates left are out of the game (there is an unofficial exception, see below Ghost Pirate).

If your pirates survive you win - joint wins are common so we usually say in the case of a tie, that the players whose pirate
is closest to (or on) the main board wins - yes, there can still be a tie.

This is a fun, fast, family game with just a little skill (card selection) and a little luck (not being picked on by all the other
players - this can be disastrous. A nice addition to the Sea-Series from Mayday Games.


By very popular demand we are making this really silly and totally unauthorized expansion available. This is NOT authorized
by the designers, not play tested and will have no official rules or info on it. It is a secret mini expansion that is just a ghost meeple.
This ghost meeple will be awarded to the first pirate who is fully eliminated from the game (all 3 pirates are OUT. This player will
continue to push/shove and generally cause mayhem with his ghost pirate, haunting the rest of the crew. He can't do physical things
like cut or extend the plank, but can push and shove, but can't be pushed or shoved himself. This will be a white colored pirate meeple
and may even feature glow in the dark paint if we can get that done by the factory, no promises though. Again, this is just a silly
expansion that is totally unauthorized, but may well turn out to be a lot of fun!

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