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Well this was a surprise to me. I hadn't read or seen anything about Warhammer 40K Storm of Vengeance
when I downloaded it and got ready to play. Once it loaded I was presented with a regular screen that gave
me game options of Campaign or Multi-player, along with the regular "options" possibility and the D L C
option - downloadable content.

Selecting Campaign as I would normally do I am now confronted with a horizontal slide bar that is centred
on GOFF and has side slide options of Imperial Guard, Death Skulls, Bad Moons or Deathwing Dark Angels.
These last four choices being available as extra factions that can be bought and downloaded at an additional
cost per unit of £1.99 each. One would imagine that in the near future other factions will become available in
a similar manner.

So, back to my surprise. Having played Space Marines recently on the PC I had expected a similar style of game.
You know, animated miniatures moving and firing as I command. Instead I am faced with 5 horizontal lanes with
building spaces at each end. For the first few missions I am led by the nose through my actions, build this, do that,
etc.etc. Then I am cut free to make my own mistakes (and I do) deciding what to build, which units to arm etc.

Sadly this is almost the extent of the gameplay that involves me, the player. Once set up, camps begin to produce
units, showing as cards. These cards can be saved in three separate spaces - I haven't found a way of stacking them
yet but that's not to say you cannot stack them. With the idea being that you have to take over control of three lanes
by destroying the enemy buildings at the end of them, it is best to not to send your troopers along the lanes until you
have six you can use - three just created and three that you saved earlier - this is advisable as the enemy will send
units against you and the enemy units, one v one, are stronger and have greater fire-power, they are just perhaps a
mite slower but that is no advantage in this style of battle.

Once you have deployed your troopers you have no control over them whatsoever. They will fire at the nearest enemy or
enemy buiding and will continue marching onwards until they die or they succeed in destroying the enemy building. Once
they have succeeded they simply march off, you don't get them back which I find a bit strange. I did think at first that I may
be able to redirect them or their fire but no, they just disappear off  the screen.

As you gain victories you gain points that can be spent to improve your attack and defence capabilities. Along the bottom
of the screen quarter-circle action bars appear which when flashing mean you have enough charge or energy to use the power
associated to that particular quadrant. The first of these you encounter is a tower that charges and shoots a bolt at a chosen
enemy unit (not a building). This bolt is pretty weak - it doesn't kill an enemy unless they are almost already dead - and it
takes what seems like forever to recharge. You have to guage the use of the bolt in conjunction with the use of your troopers
in the same area as your target. Let your men do the initial and majority damage and then finish of the enemy unit before it
destroys all your men and starts on the building.

To be perfectly fair, this is the type of game I would expect to find free on FaceBook. Apart from the Games Workshop tie-in
with Warhammer 40K it is a regular lane-battle game where, in my opinion, "lane" could be inter-changed with "lame". It is
not particularly brilliant, challenging or addictive. At £1.99 a pop the new armies are inexpensive and may make a difference
to your personal enjoyment but remember that's £8.00 (less 4p) if you buy all 4 new armies.


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