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Vol #1: Deadpool & Friends
Vol #2: Brotherhood of Mutants

Each single deck for the VS System has a slicker and quicker 55 card deck and a Rules Sheet. The Single decks have been reformatted and most main characters will have been changed along the way as far as their abiities and stats are concerned, but previous VS SYSTEM cards of this genre are compatible with this new format. There is nothing to say, at least nothing I have read, that says you cannot play a 60 card deck against a 55 card deck (though there is an obvious advantage to do so) but it is probably wiser to streamline your current 60 card decks to get the best out of them and to bring them into line with the new format; note this is a reformatting not a revision, the game is still the same but now includes newer additional rules which are found on the sheets that accompany each 55 card deck.
They should be available in your favourite Local Game Store for around £15.00 each. This is the future of VS System decks. Every 3 months a "story" Arc will be released featuring major players in MARVEL/UPPER DECK 2PCG Universe and every month there will be a new 55 card deck (or decks). Every so often there will be a "special" release of 200 card "Giant-Sized-Issue". Issue Vol#3 is coming soon and will feature "Cable & the New Mutants" 

Deadpool & Friends:
I really love the "ME" card, it really is so Deadpool and I get a giggle every time I see it. Just looking at it I can imagine Ryan Reynolds saying it aloud. "ME ?"

The cards in this pack are different to any other Deadpool and characters that I have seen in either the VS System or Legendary. This means that although you may already have some of the characters in the Deck these have different illustrations and specifications so that they are all compatibly similar but contrastingly distinctive.
Deadpool in this deck is the first character of the entire VS System to reach Level 4. Levels 1, 2 & 3 contain the same illustration but the 4th card is totally different. You can progress 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 but only using the cards in this deck, other VS System 2PCG Deadpool cards you may have already cannot be used to upgrade him to Level 4.


With each 55 card deck is an 8-fold glossy sheet which explains the various new rules and additions so that the game is constantly evolving with each new release. In Vol#1 we are introduced to Evil Deadpool, a character made from Deadpool's own discarded body-parts. Not only is this character evil and not only does it affect other characters with it in the deck, it also affects the player who is operating said deck - they are cursed to laugh out loud maniacally whenever they KO an opponent's defender. This is one card that really allows you to gloat when you win without being looked down on by your friends (by friends I mean those fools that think they can defeat you, but just in case, try not to take it too far).


Other examples of rules changing/bending are Ajax, Masacre and Chimichanga but first let's take a look at "ME".
ME: This card is a Leader but also a Supporting Character Token. When "You" (actually the "ME" card being played) appear for the first time you have to pick and allegiance, affiliate yourself to a team. You also have the "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number" ability. This can be a blessing or a curse because its value depends on the Player's age.  If you are 67 years old you have an ATK of 6 and a DEF of 7 but if you are 20 your ATK is 2 and your DEF 0.
AJAX: Ajax shrugs of stuns (not wounds) and can only be KO'd by fatal wounds at the end of a Turn, thus he can tolerate and control the Pain even when others would have fallen.
MASACRE: is all in Spanish, even the notes on the rules sheet are in Spanish as they are on the card itself.
(SLAUGHTER: Massacre is the Deadpool of Mexico, so the text of his game is written in Spanish. Do not worry. If you do not speak Spanish, we will translate your powers here. He has Mercenario which means "Mercenary," and Letal which means "Lethal."
CHIMICHANGA: A deep-fried burrito that is One of a Kind and has the "I Just Love Saying It" ability which can be triggered by saying "Chimichanga" several times or by paying the cost. 


This first volume truly delves into the Deadpool we have all recently become familiar with from the big silver screen movies. It is the cheeky, cheery character, the guy who nonchalantly sits on the top of a camper van and "Breaks the fourth Wall" by speaking to the camera directly - this plot twist is activated when you put a "ME" token onto your side.

The flip side of the Rules Sheet has a checklist of the cards, the game credits and a message from old Deadhead himself that explains about his Levels as well as how to NERF, ERRATA or even BAN stuff. There is a lot of verbal play added to the game but then I cannot imagine it will inhibit anyone in any way if they are okay with the whole Deadpool genre - it might shock those who haven't seen Deadpool's movie/s or have any knowledge of DEADPOOL & FRIENDS though. 

Using this Deck is highly enjoyable for the user and fun. Apart from Deadpool it also has Main Character Levels 1 & 2 of Colossus but sadly, for fans of the Deadpool band of anti-heroes, only has NEGASONIC TEENAGE WARHEAD as a Supporting Character, not a Main Character in her own right. Other than this minor disappointment this is an excellent choice for the first of many single decks, in fact I don't think the choice could have been any better.


BROTHERHOOD of MUTANTS is to me a strange choice for the second Single Deck Volume for the VS SYSTEM 2PCG. With all the big name Super-Heroes and Villains in the MARVEL Universe likely to oppose Deadpool we have a most interesting twist with a deck that is built around Magneto, Juggernaut and Sabretooth who are mainly known for their being arch-eenemies of the X-MEN. Along with support from the fabulously evilicious Toad, Pyro and Avalanche and others this is an anti X-MEN deck which makes for some curiously fun action when you oppose the two decks, Vol #1 and Vol #2 against each other.

Of all the characters in this deck who have been affiliated to or associated with the BROTHERHOOD of MUTANTS only Quicksilver stands out amongst them as a beacon, a shining light of hope for Good but in this context he is a lightning fast reflection of life on the dark side of the streets.

For ease of separating the cards after each game the DEADPOOL & FRIENDS cards have an icon in the top right corner depicting Deadpool in shades and wearing a black fedora with a white band (30s-40s gangster style). The BROTHERHOOD of MUTANTS symbol appears to be a MAGNETO style helmet, all cards in the BoM deck carry this symbol.

MAGNETO: Now raising to Level 3 (  "Hey My Magnetic Friend! Not good enough to be as famous as me then, uh ? Got it ?") these cards are completely new to previous Magneto VS System cards.

JUGGERNAUT: Juggernaut is almost all-powerful but Deadpool dudes can spend Energy to weaken him (PS: they will need a lot of  )

PYRO: Pyro is a real fun character to play. He can create supporting characters drawn randomly from your deck, though they do have to lose their name even if they don't lose their powers. This is amusing for a number of reasons. We have played games where this power has been a real pain for the "Good" guys as a new, tough opponent suddenly pops up, but it has also been the source of gut-busting giggling when the powerful Pyro pulls out the weakest link possible. Pot Luck Pyro he is now known as here.

DAKEN: Has pheremone control which removes the powers of characters fighting him in melee which is really nasty - ranged combat required

AVALANCHE: Play one copy of Avalanche and a seismic wave hits and hurts, getting stronger each time it is used. Play a second Avalanche later in the game and the process begins again.

BLOB: I always remember the song "Beware of the Blob" and Steve McQueen (or was it Paul Newman) fighting the messy mass in an out of town bullet diner. This is a different BLOB but just as painful as the first. He can capture a character in melee by sucking in his enormous belly or bounce any projectile or flying hero off his huge gut sending it spinning out of control like a human cannonball.  "Okay it's just a card game, but a little imagination goes a long way, so they tell me"

SAURON: This dude has an awesome trick up his sleeve. He can play tricks with his opponent's mind so that the hero thinks another hero is a villain and attacks them instead. Not so funny when you are playing one v one and attacking your own characters, but immensely amusing when you are playing in teams and you have to say sorry (through tears of laughter) to your partner. Not the Sauron from LotR but equally as evil!

SHADOW KING: (another Middle-Earth character name). Using Shadow King allows you to make a weak character on your side better as the Shadow King hates to actually fight so he just imposes his will and powers onto a chosen character.


VS SYSTEM has always been good fun to play but more recently it has added an extra tongue-in-cheek appeal to make it probably the most enjoyable card game system available (though it has some great competition from LEGENDARY). It may be that the DEADPOOL movies have made the authors of the game take a different look and approach to the game. or it might just be that the whole MARVEL Universe isn't taking itself as seriously as it has been over the last decade. Just look at the THOR: RAGNAROK and SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING movies - they are definitely played for laughs, and so should this game be.




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