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Friedberg, March 16, 2015: The radiant 50s: coffee enjoyment is to culture. And the Viva Java Coffee Co. KG researches in full swing at the perfect coffee blend. Würfelnd players embark on a search for the most delicious coffee flavors. The coveted pleasure points they reach this time thanks to a fine Röstgrades, sometimes because of the sheer purity of a mixture of coffee. Research progress give the company also always new impetus, which affects in the form of powerful features to the game.

In no time at top coffee Cams Categories - Viva the new release of Java Pegasus Spiele makes it possible. With clever of action and an exciting course invites the novelty of TC Petty III. one to leave to four players, ages 10 a pampered for 20 to 40 minutes at the table. Various game modes and a loving design round out the playful delight.

RRP € 19.95

SAMPLING QUESTIONS: Ask your inquiry please sampling as direct feedback on current product appearance-messages. Please update your already made ​​inquiries by feedback. Only then can we ensure and make sure that you are taken into account in any case a controlled and fair sampling.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pegasus Spiele keeps ready a limited contingent of review copies of new releases to the media. The quota is less than that received by us requests for review copies in the rule. Accordingly, it can not be met by any request review copies. Thank you for your understanding.

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