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It’s Time To Get Sexy With Vindictus!

Login and get a free inner armor for spring

Luxembourg, 25.03.2013 – NEXON Europe, publisher of the ultimate action MMORPG Vindictus, is offering a variety of events promoting the new inner armor spring look. Special community events will be running for 3 weeks, and the all-time favorite Avatar Slot System will be updated. Players can change the look and power of their characters with more ease and customization than ever before.


Exciting New Events
Vindictus is celebrating the spring season by throwing welcome events, which range from register and sign-up events for all new players, to more specific community focused events for dedicated fans. By holding these events, NEXON Europe hopes to engage deeply with every user and give them a change to try out Vindictus’ sexy inner armors. Sexy new under armors are waiting for players to join Vindictus with events including:

Login Event—Every new user will get a VIP Capsule, Random Enchant Box and Inner Armor Tickets for 7 days.

Video Contest—Create a YouTube video with characters dancing in their new under armor to win coupons and in-game items.

Design Contest – This is where players can really showcase their talents. Design a new outfit and share in the community Forums for a chance to win new armor and in-game money.

Social Contest – Players can showcase their characters through the Facebook social competition to win a variety of in-game items.

So what are you waiting for? Join Vindictus now! It’s time to get sexy and creative!

About Vindictus

For the first time in the Western markets, NEXON Europe releases the Xtreme Edition of Vindictus, which have brought elegant brutality to the online gaming with stunning visuals and high-speed combat enabled by a modified Source Engine™. To learn more about Vindictus Europe please visit: or

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