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Special giveaway for the 2nd anniversary of Vindictus

NEXON Europe celebrates 2nd anniversary for Vindictus with new update, including new PvP mode

London, United Kingdom – September 25, 2013: NEXON Europe celebrates the 2nd anniversary of the brutal, monster slaying MMO role-playing game, Vindictus, on 28th September.  A new update is available today, for the many mercenaries that have performed great acts of courage and gallantry over the past two years and will now be rewarded for their heroic deeds.

To commemorate this prestigious landmark, the following gifts are to be presented to players, the brave men and women of Erinn:

Furthermore to the special events, a new PvP mode called Siege Match, based on the ‘rock, paper, scissors’ rules, will be introduced to Vindictus. Siege Match is team vs. team mode, and players are able to apply for the match through the 'Battlemaster' who is in Rocheste. As the death match commences, the goal is to destroy the Guardian Statues of the opposing team.
For more information on Vindictus, please visit the official website at

About Vindictus
Vindictus is a fast action MMORPG built on Valve's Source engine that offers unprecedented freedom of motion and smooth flowing combat unlike anything ever experienced in a free-to-play MMORPG. Use anything and everything to battle against your foes and work with your allies to fulfill the prophecy and bring Erinn to reality. For more information on Vindictus, please visit the official website at

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