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Episode 2 of Vindictus Season 2 Launches May 29th

NEXON Europe lets players discover the secrets of the Twilight Desert with the biggest update this Ultimate Action-MMORPG has ever seen

Luxembourg, 22.05.2013 – NEXON Europe is proud to announce that the second episode of Vindictus Season 2 launches May 29th - The Secret of Twilight Desert. As one of the largest
updates in the history ofVindictus, Episode 2 adds to the immersive storyline while introducing new enemies, new areas, and day and night cycles.

The Secret of the Twilight Desert

In the second episode of Vindictus Season 2, players are faced with the challenge of exploring the Twilight Desert. Somewhere within the endless sand lies a mysterious object. The history of this
object is unknown, but finding it will bring players into contact with the Mistress of the Twilight Desert. Elsewhere, the Coffer Chasers’ treasure awaits to be discovered in their hidden dungeon.

Time Changing Cycles

With the new update, day and night cycles are brought to Vindictus. The night brings new enemies, as fallen warriors from ancient battles rise once again in search of victims. Among these enemies
are the Grim Reaper and Guardian Soldiers. Facing these fiends in the darkness is a challenge for any warrior, but that risk is rewarded as they possess a forgotten technology that will help unlock
the secrets of the Twilight Desert.

As night falls, ancient warriors aren’t the only noticeable addition. Moonlight will shine upon the Luminary Plant, a beautiful and powerful plant able to bestow rare gifts. Mastering the Luminary
Gathering skill is an art, and one that requires the wisdom of Meb in Malina. Dedication to this training will earn orbs, used for crafting equipment and weapons.

Underground Dungeon

Built by the eccentric wild Coffer Chasers, their underground dungeon is full of mystery. As time changes, the sands will shift and the entrance to the Coffer Chasers’ underground dungeon will alter.
Can players discover the dungeon entrance before it moves? If so, treasure awaits. But players must face an onslaught of danger for their reward, and in doing so will reveal the truth about the test
room myths. The brave few who survive will have a choice of treasure rooms: but choosing one closes all other doors.

The Twilight Desert doesn’t only demand bravery, but wisdom too.

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