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Vindictus Enters the Realms of Gods and Dragons

About Vindictus

For the first time in the Western markets, NEXON Europe releases the Xtreme Edition of Vindictus, which will bring elegant brutality to the online gaming space with stunning visuals and high-speed combat enabled by a modified Source Engine™. To learn more about Vindictus Europe please visit: or

Vindictus prepares for the Song of Doom in latest episode

Darkness falls on the world of Vindictus

Luxembourg, 13.June.2012 - Nexon Europe have announced today that Vindictus, the ultimate free to play gaming experience, is to fall into a world of darkness, rebellion and death with the latest episode update.

The Song of Doom transforms the world into an overcast haven of destruction. The cracks are beginning to show. Dark secrets, death of the innocent and a failed rebellion plunge the world into depression. Something evil is lurking in the darkness, just itching to escape.

Mercenaries will experience new Battles and Raids facing perhaps the most treacherous bosses that Vindictus has ever seen.  However, be warned, these mighty Beasts cannot be defeated with bravery alone. Mercenaries must prepare themselves for a whole new level of hardship.

New armor and weapons for level 61 Heroes will provide some help in the fight against Shakarr – the Fomorian Leader as well as Colru – the mighty Golem-Craftsman, but remember not to run blindly into battle. These mistakes will be the death of you.

Good luck mercenaries! May the power of the Goddess watch over you.

To learn more about Vindictus Europe please visit: or

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