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Play for a child smile    The Hessian Spieleverlag Pegasus games support the projects of the Albert Schweitzer Children's Villages in Hesse with 10,000 euros.

Friedberg / Hanau, 4 December 2012 - The latest donation of Pegasus Games is a great success. Hundreds of enhancements for the game connoisseur of 2012 Village were sold to Germany's Games events for the Children Villages. Due to the success the fundraiser has been extended. A special edition of the award-winning game now includes extensions. For every copy sold this retail edition one euro will be added to the donation pot.

Read more in the appendix, a picture of the ceremony can be found in the appendix! Please visit our new website at

VILLAGE help: retail version with exclusive bonus content and donation for Children's Village

Friedberg 23, November 2012 - in time for the holiday shopping season offers the connoisseur Game of the Year "VILLAGE"-exclusive distribution Pegasus games every dealer in a unique version of the hottest games of the year. The special feature of exclusively produced for the trade version of "VILLAGE", the bonus content the customer enhancement that accompany as an extra table. In addition, the publisher of Hesse Friedberg has decided to donate 1 Euro per sold retail edition of the Albert Schweitzer Kinderdorf Hessen eV. Pegasus games thus supports the Albert Schweitzer Kinderdorf Hessen eV with the sale of Kenner Game of the Year 2012 "Village" one more time, after they had already been collected on the GAME into food for the children villages money.

"VILLAGE" in the exclusive retail version is now available in dealer shop at be ordered. The HNP dealer net price is equal to the normal output, both outputs are specified by Pegasus Games with SRP 34,95 €. There is no minimum purchase for packaging units, however, the action is limited, it is delivery, as long as supplies last.

"VILLAGE - How Funny People" 2012 was in addition to the award for connoisseurs game of the year last won the world's most famous audience award, the "German Games Award 2012", and could both nationally and internationally already reap a number of other awards. The nonprofit organization Albert Schweitzer Kinderdorf eV Hesse was awarded the DZI seal and sees it as his duty to promote children and young people and their families in difficult situations with family-oriented services and support. For example, aid and vulnerable children is offered in the Children's Village a family-like community.

VILLAGE - Includes customer Extension board in favor of Albert Schweitzer Homes

Authors: Inka and Markus Brand

Graphics: Dennis Lohausen

Publisher / Distributor: eggertspiele / Pegasus Games

EVT: 6 December 2012

Content :: 1 Schedule 4 Hofpläne, 48 game pieces, 32 round wooden markers, 40 goods platelets, 24 customers plates, 20 cereal flakes, 1 start player marker, one marker "Next start player", 78 wood blocks, 15 coins, 2 linen bags, 3 Design cards, 1 summary cards " fair ", 1 rules

Product Number: 54511G

EAN: 4250231704642

RRP: € 34.95

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