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PlayGrid Games Partners With Acclaimed Development Studio Petroglyph to Deliver The Next Phase in MOBA Gaming

San Francisco, CA – May13, 2015  Producer and publisher PlayGrid Games has teamed with globally renowned development studio Petroglyph to create Victory Command, a fast-action, military MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Victory Command expands the competitive battlefield beyond the standard three-lane MOBA formula with RTS (real-time strategy) controls and tactics in an open-field battle arena that gives players the chance to engage enemies with larger scale strategies such as flanking, ambushing, and trapping.

In Victory Command players simultaneously command multiple units of armoured, recon, and infantry combat units to engage in 5v5 team combat.  They begin their military career with basic companies to command, and then improve their troops and arsenal by earning experience points in combat. Combining the cooperation and competition of battle arena games with the strategies and tactics of real-time strategy games, this unique Military MOBA, is full of additional ways to surprise and destroy opponents. Victory Command will be available on Steam Early Access shortly.

Get into the action early! Gamers can now sign up for chance to enter the Closed Beta at before it opens to the public Thursday May 14, 2015 through Saturday May 16, 2015 from 11am to 8pm (PDT) each day. To command a wide range of modern, upgradeable warfare vehicles and heavily equipped troops across a variety of maps to dominate friends and foes alike.

“We are big fans of MOBAs and battle arena games and we wanted to create one that features open maps and multi-unit controls.  These new elements transform the experience by making the gameplay faster and adding strategic elements that bring a new level of depth and excitement to the genre,” said Chris McKibbin, co-founder, PlayGrid Games.

Victory Command Key Features:

To learn more about Victory Command, please visit, ‘Like’ it on Facebook, and follow on Twitter @VictoryCommand for the latest developer updates and news.


PlayGrid Games is a next-generation online games producer and publisher headquartered in San Francisco, California. PlayGrid Technologies provides developers a complete solution to publish, market and operate online games. PlayGrid Games and PlayGrid Technologies are trademarks of CDRV Media, Inc.


Petroglyph has been developing innovative, top quality Strategy games for over 12 years. An independent company with a veteran team and strong gamer culture, the members of Petroglyph love making games as much as they love playing them. The studio’s expertise encompasses PC, Mobile and Console with development experience in Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Turn-Based Strategy, RPG and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games.

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