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The 2015 game Victor Vran was an action role-playing video game developed by the Bulgarian independent development studio Haemimont Games, creators of recent Tropico titles.

It is now available again, from WIRED Productions, and this time there are different worlds for Victor Vran to investigate. Being a great fan of Rock Music I was immediately drawn to the MOTÖRHEAD World where loud metal music runs through every scene and battle. Metal music and Metal images abound and the action has Metal based weapons - swing that Axe and watch the enemies fall. 

Victor begins wielding a Sword but it isn't long before he has a Shotgun in his hands. You can switch between weapons quite quickly so that when you need to melee the Sword is in your hand and when the enemy is farther away the Shotgun blasts cause immense damage. You also have special effects for each weapon plus the ability to bring down unearthly magical strikes, though each special attack takes time to regenerate. Like most animated action games you have an Action bar where each segment can contain an effect which is activated by a keystroke; one of these being the Healing potions - you begin with a few and can buy more at the Traders. Money is scarce to begin with but once you reach level 3 and kill a couple of the large monsters your coffers fill quite quickly - you need a lot of money to buy equipment at the Traders. You can find the occasional piece of equipment or Healing potion but you cannot rely on them.

As far as healing goes there are Totems in various positions that will fully regenerate you - a good trick is to fight for as long as you can near one of these Totems so that the moment your health drops low you can hit F and refill; sadly these are usually only one-shot.


There are numerous dungeons that you can find entrances to and you get a brief look at what's waiting for you before you choose to enter or not, again it's the F key that is used. Speaking of Keys you get a choice of control at the beginning of the game, Controller, Keyboard or Mouse. If you select Mouse you can move Victor by point and click using the LMB and then fire and/or fight by also using the LMB. Like the Healing Totems you cannot attack or activate something accidentally (too many games of this genre activate healing, fighting etc by an accidental button press, and we all know how easy it is to accidentally over-press the mouse buttons.

When you fight, and there is a lot of fighting, you build up a score which when you hit certain targets give you bonus awards, such as special cards that give you more special effects. As an additional (but huge) nod towards Motörhead not only can you cause "critical" damage to your opponents but you can also "OVERKILL".


When you get past the loading screen you have the options: Play (now); Online; Local Co-operative Play; and Switch Worlds - there are also Save Slot and Achievement Options. If you decide not to switch worlds you enter the World of Zagoravia, the land Victor Vran is a known hero in. Your other options for worlds are FRACTURED WORLDS (which I have yet to enter and play for any length of time) or MOTÖRHEAD World (which I have extensively played and am continuing to do so - Fractured Worlds and Zagoravia will have to wait for my Victor Vran's visit!).

Victor also has the option of changing costume, but this isn't just a change of clothes, it is also a subtle change of character personality, traits and abilities - each costume is, in Role-Play terms, a new character class: Hunter, Cavalier, Warrior and Vigilante, though I wouldn't consider VICTOR VRAN to be a role-playing game; it is a dungeon crawl animated all-action adventure. It has Checkpoints for the Save slots and when you die/are defeated (note I said "when" not "if")  one of the options is to return to the last known Checkpoint.

You are mainly fighting all manner of undead creatures, succubii, skeletons, warlocks, glowing panther-types etc and then you come across a bar where you meet Lemmy Kilmister, but unfortunately he wishes to be left alone; it's just great to see him and it's hard not to get caught in a wave of nostalgia at this point. 

As already mentioned there are many different types of weapons to be found or bought and my favourite, even when it's not the most powerful, is any one of the Guitars. I mentioned "swinging an axe" but in the game you don't swing your axe (guitar) you play it at the opposition and they are destroyed by Heavy Metal played as it should be, LOUD!!!


Another nice touch is that dotted around the ruins and dungeons are Heavy Metal posters, just to remind you which World you are in. This whole World is loud, unadulterated fantasy fighting fun, on speed !














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