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VETO LARK: Scavenger of the Stars from the brilliantly twisted and devious mind of the superb Magz Wiseman

(the only picture I could find is this one from Amazon)


VETO LARK: Scavenger of the Stars  is an online book of 56 pages that can be purchased from Amazon for the princely sum of 77p
If you like off the wall, mesmerising, sci-fi it will probably be the best 77p you have spent (as an actual 77p purchase) and the best 40
minutes reading you have undertaken.

The book is a series of Snapshots - short stories that set up the protagonist (Veto) and his partner-cum-nursemaid Ember Mound - with
a chaotic or impossible challenge, build a story that follows their attempts to solve the puzzle, and then end leaving you wanting more,
such as an actual ending. But don't despair because the ending of the previous story is explained during the beginning of the next one
and so on; with the book closing on a TO BE CONTINUED .......

Veto Lark is a bit of a rogue. Mentally (in his mind) he is a cross between Han Solo, Arthur Dent and Doctor Who, and although his
exploits might not put their adventures to shame, he thinks they are better, more dangerous and a boon to mankind, actually that's how
he thinks of himself, so it's a good job he has Ember there to pick up the pieces, dust him off and most importantly make sure he survives.

Behind every successful man is a woman who moans and whinges a lot and behind, well alongside and more often than not out in front,
is the delectable Ember Mound who most definitely could almost certainly, possibly, be the love-child of Ford Prefect, Marvin and Jeeves.

I must admit that because the author has had fun with some of the character names (Magz is showing all her role-playing roots) I started
to play around with the main characters names in my head and came up with these anagrams: Veto Lark is Kat Lover and Ember Mound
is Umber Demon.
The stories are vignettes set in a world where science-fiction is reality. Their antagonists are a completely insane hotchpotch of the weirdest 
characters you are likely (or unlikely) to encounter in a dozen Walmart "Best Sellers" and each with their own unbelievably inane and unusual
problem that only a "hero" like Veto Lark can solve. There are several of these tales in the 56 pages but as they are so short textually if I gave
a précis of each it would almost be like me publishing the book as a review. Yes it is short and because it is so good and addictive it becomes
even shorter as the pages are gobbled up in the speed of light - well our light anyway as it kept flickering on and off while I was reading.
VETO LARK Snapshots Volume 2 is in the making - the quote below is directly stolen from the author when she wasn't looking.
"The next book will still have the snapshot element however they are turning out to be longer stories"
I for one am certainly looking forward to it.
Final notes:
1. It is on Amazon ready for the Kindle - it is not ready for ALL book readers though as I couldn't get it as an ePub file nor could I convert
the Amazon file. Luckily I was provided with a text file that could be converted to ePub and thus available on my reader.
2. I received it, converted it, and read it within an hour. Once I started to read it I couldn't do anything else, didn't want to do anything else,
until I had finished it, and then I wanted more.
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