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Vella’s Dual Blades Are Ready To Carve Up The Battlefield!

The ultimate blade creates ultimate action in NEXON Europe’s latest update for Vindictus

Luxembourg, 30.04.2013 – The latest Vindictus update from NEXON Europe introduces Vella’s new Dual Blades from May 2nd.

Vella’s Dual Blades

For most soldiers one blade is enough. Elite warriors enter battle with two blades. Vella prefers four. With a perfect balance of attack and defence Vella can get close and personal with enemies then leap out of range and unleash the finishing blow with her deadly chains. She has just got much more deadly: twice as much, with the introduction of her Dual Blades.

With two blades in each hand Vella can take down twice as many enemies in half the time…that’s a lot of killing. The dual blades can also incorporate chains with a wide attack range, perfect for jumping into a group of enemies and taking them down in style, or juggling victims in the air with her Luna Flash skill. The ultimate blade for the ultimate action.

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