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Fun with the creatures of the night
In snappy card game Vampire Mau Mau from Pegasus Spiele meet belligerent bloodsuckers each other - day and night


FRIEDBERG, 01 April 2014: Whether Edward, Blade or Nosferatu, all have one thing in common vampires: With second to none they are not clear. In the funny card game Vampire Mau Mau of Pegasus games of this turbulent conflict is at the center. At the same time so that the card game classic Mau Mau is breathed new life with fresh ideas and clever tricks.

The funny caricatures of famous movie vampires promise what vampire Mau Mau holds: a cheeky, fresh card game fun. In just 30 minutes two to four bloodsuckers meet in Vampire Mau Mau by Peter Neugebauer from eight years to conquer the night. MSRP 9,95 €

Who has wooden peg and Blood Bank, has a clear advantage. Because the night is approaching and with it a whole host of bizarre bloodsuckers. In Vampire Mau Mau  2-4  vampires meet with the aim of getting rid of the own hand of cards. In trick-taking tradition one must always use the same icon or colour of a card played. In addition, each vampire has a special ability with which he always tries to stay one bite ahead.

With vampire Mau Mau, the popular classic trick-taking card game gets a makeover. With day-night cycle and individual character skills
the simple, quick family card game becomes also a visual highlight.   Pulses will race over the witty illustrations which are taken from the well-known Vampire film - Blade of Kinski.

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