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Board game publisher Triton Noir has launched a new Kickstarter for V-Commandos. The campaign has begun on March 29th 2021, and will last 19 days. It will allow the community to pledge for highly expected content: Deluxe boxes with miniatures and thematic tiles for the base game and its expansions, and a V-Commandos: Ghost box with a major operation and new game modes.


To have players more and more immersed behind enemy lines, the Triton Noir team has worked with artists like Ronan Toulhoat to create new illustrations for the commandos, Vincent Filipiak to illustrate the level cards, or Stéphane Camosseto to sculpt miniatures for the characters.

This new Kickstarter offers the possibility to pledge for:

-          A V-Commandos: Ghost expansion containing the biggest operation ever, inspired by the WWII Canadian hero Léo Major, three new game modes compatible with all the existing content and bonuses coming from the first Kickstarter campaign.

-          Two Deluxe boxes, one for the base game, the other one for both expansions Secret Weapons and Resistance, containing respectively 50 and 35 miniatures, redesigned cards for the commandos and thematic tiles.

-          New content that will be unlocked during the campaign (or is already unlocked, like Gander’s miniature), new tiles and cards for one of the new game modes.


V-Commandos is a cooperative tabletop game in which 1 to 4 players are sent for missions behind enemy lines during WWII. Since it was released in 2016, almost 15.000 units have been sold all over the world (base game and expansions), thus gathering a big community of players around V-Commandos. Have a look at the French-speaking and English-speaking Facebook groups.

“We did our best to listen to and to satisfy a huge number of demands from the players who follow us in this adventure, some of them from the very beginning”, founder of Triton Noir Thibaud de la Touanne says. “This new campaign is also about new comers who can pledge for special packs with the base game and the first expansions. Icing on the cake: the Ghost expansion will be free with most of the pledges, only on Kickstarter.”

More info on KickstarterFacebook,Twitter and Instagram.

Games Gazette Online Note:
I wrote a review of V-Commandos over 2 years ago. (November 2018)

In it I mentioned how much better the game would be visually if miniatures were used instead of counters. Now in 2021, I wish I could claim to be the sole reason for this latest edition, the kudos for GGO would be amazing, but I am not that vain (a little at times, yes of course, I even keep a special trumpet nearby for me to blow) but from the news above it appears that my voice, along with many games industry reviewers and players, was heard.

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