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Urban Trial Freestyle Unleashed onto PlayStation®Store

Urban Trial Freestylerban Trial Freestlcked game for you to explore.  for PlayStation®Network and the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system available now on PlayStation Store

Warsaw, Poland – 19th February 2013 -- Tate Multimedia S.A today announced that Urban Trial Freestyle for PlayStation®Network and PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system is available now on the US PlayStation®Store and will be available on the EU PlayStation®Store beginning on 20 February 2013.  Urban Trial Freestyle is rated E10+ (ESRB) in the USA.  In Europe, Urban Trial Freestyle is rated 12 (PEGI) for PlayStation Network and 3+ (PEGI) for PS Vita.   The game is available for US$/EUR€14.99 for PlayStation Network and US/EUR€ $9.99 for PS Vita.  In the UK, Urban Trial Freestyle is £11.99 for PlayStation Network and £7.99 for PS Vita.

Urban Trial Freestyle brings real-life inspired motorbike stunt and racing action to the massive PlayStation community. With a no-limits attitude set in a gritty urban setting, Urban Trial Freestyle oozes action and speed and features challenging levels and tracks, mouth dropping stunts, tons of explosions and off-the-wall obstacles.

Leading video game web site IGN notes “Urban Trial Freestyle puts a premium on action.”  According to "...Urban Trial Freestyle has the chops to become an incredibly addictive experience.” GamesRadar declares that Urban Trial Freestyle “is definitely a game to play with friends watching."

Urban Trial Freestyle’s tracks are set across 45+ levels within five diverse cityscapes.  The Stunt Mode tests players’ performance skills for mastering special stunts, while Time Attack enforces a    no-speed limit challenge for players to cross the finish line as quickly as possible. As players progress, new tracks are unlocked, and custom motorbike parts, trophies and rider outfits become available.

Urban Trial Freestyle features include:

·    64 Custom Bike Configurations with Body, Engine & Wheels options

·    Advanced Physics & Dynamic Animations: Motorbike, Dynamic Objects & Obstacles, Crashes

·   Environmental Objects to Test Skills: Ramps, Obstacles, Moving Objects, Physics Objects

·    Stunts: Highest Jump, Longest Jump, Biggest Flip, Precise Aiming, Speed Check

·   Rewards System: Unlockable Tracks, Custom Motorbike Parts, Trophies, Rider Outfits, Tricks

·   Advanced Leaderboards: Player is able to compare him/herself to other players through the Leaderboards accessed via Track Selection screen. Separate leaderboards exist for every Track divided further into game modes. Additional leaderboards exist for the Stunts high scores

·   Best players display on billboards within tracks using PlayStation Network avatar or Custom Photo in PS Vita

·    Instant Replay, Save System

Urban Trial Freestyle has been greatly influenced with the support of Julien Dupont, the “godfather of urban trial freestyle.” Julien Dupont is known around the world for his unique street style and technique, mashing down barriers and setting new records.

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