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Inspired by the timeless 16th century Chinese novel Journey to the West, players take control of four unlikely heroes.

Effortlessly swapping between and Wukong the Monkey King, Sanzang the Sleepy Monk, Kihong the Greedy Pig, Sandmonk the Sensitive Brute as they travel westward in search of the scattered remnants of the Sacred Scroll.

Along the way, whether it be solo or in local coop, players will encounter a diverse lineup of enemies to battle within a colourful fantasy world.

UNRULY HEROES from Magic Design Studios, is a multi-level, side-scrolling, all-action adventure, featuring four truly 'unlikely' heroes. As the above 'official' blurb states, they are en route to find the pieces of, and repair, the Sacred Scroll that previously held together the balance between Good & Evil. Ripped asunder, the Scroll set free the most malevolent, wicked and vicious of all evils, and now only the magnificent four can return the balance and save the world. Scrolling adventures are not new, they are a dime-a-dozen, but the really good ones, the ones that keep you coming back to them, have something that the others don't, that special thing that they like to call the 'X' factor.

UNRULY HEROES most certainly has the 'X' factor Big Time, in fact it has the 'PS4's Got Talent' factor Big Time as well.

The game has all that you would expect from a side-scroller. You can jump, double-jump, run, somersault, fight, collect coins etc etc etc. There are four heroes available to you as already mentioned but the better thing than having four heroes available is that at the press of a button you can change from one Hero to the next, cycling through them at speed to get to the Hero you think most capable of solving the current puzzle or defeating the current villains. Each Hero has their own speciality which generally includes the way they fight and/or the way they move. Running and spinning can be as useful and advantageous as rolling or floating. Range attacks are as damaging to the opponents as close up melee as long as you are controlling the correct hero.

The backgrounds are beautiful, yet mainly inaccessible or non-interactive, but they can provide some of the most intriguing and 'invisible' (until activated) hazards and accidents within the game. When a Hero 'dies' they turn into a Soul Bubble. If your current character can strike that Soul Bubble the soul of the Hero escapes and returns to the hero's corpse, thus returning him or her to the list of available heroes to call upon.

The heroes are excellently portrayed, colourful and fully detailed, far more detail than usually found in a game of this genre, and each is unique. Unique in the game and as far as I can ascertain, unique (as a quartet) in the history of side-scrolling adventures. The game itself may not be unique, but as I believe the characters to be unique they in turn make the game more interesting, and in my opinion more fun, than other similarly styled games.

Very Oriental in looks, style, sound, characters and visual, there is a minor similarity to the old (and recent) television series 'Monkey'. I did say 'minor', though perhaps 'very minor' would be more appropriate, as I am only looking at the characters and seeing the Pale Human, the Monkey and the Large Piggy, all of which can be found in that TV series. I am not saying in any way that this is a clone of the TV show, I am merely stating that if you liked or like that TV show then you may already have an affinity with UNRULY HEROES and what better way to find out than to spend the (approximate) £17.99 and dive in and enjoy the Legend of The Journey to the West.

Available across most formats; PC (Steam) PS4, XBox ONE and Nintendo Switch, this is one of those games you want to have with you when you are about to embroil yourself on a long, traditionally boring, train or plane ride; don't have it on in the car even if you are not driving - especially don't play it if you are driving - as the distraction factor is magical. Longevity of play, many arduous but enjoyable puzzles and tricks/traps, ease of control. A lot of fun for a little of money!

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