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UNEXPLORED is a retro graphic dungeon adventure where you enter the DUNGEON of DOOM to search for the AMULET of YENDOR.

It is a puzzle solving, slay the monsters game where there are times when you can sneak past the monsters instead of fighting them.


You get a top down view of what looks like an orange ball with an eye, two arrows (your short and long swords) and a chicken comb (which is actually your cape).

You can move by clicking the mouse continually - it isn't genuine point and click - or the better way is to steer with the mouse and use the WASD keys for moving.


You click on items in your inventory to use them, you find items lying around discarded on the dungeon floors and you left click to fight monsters when you move in to hit them. Damage is shown in two ways - floating red numbers preceded with a negative sign that appear to come out of the creature being hit (including you) and on the left of the screen under status. You can drink potions while you are fighting, similarly you can use scrolls, though in both cases it is helpful to have identified them first. There's nothing like being virtually deceased (low on hit points) and taking a potion of levitation, though in my defence it did help me cross the water quicker and get out of the room to rest up.


10-15 years ago I would have been giving this a glowing report but I really am not into the retro gaming lark having spent over a grand (in Sterling not Dollars) on a fairly powerful gaming PC. I will admit to it being more fun than the majority of the free games available through Facebook (for example) but in all honesty I stopped playing this type of game when I gave up on my Atari 400.

Some of the retro style games have a really amusing punch to them and although as I said I am not a fan of retro they have an appeal because they have included some truly fine humour but Unexplored is like Diablo (the first one) with line art and blocky dungeons and Minecraft style monsters, heck I'm not even sure what my Hero is supposed to be.

It looks, feels and plays like something that someone a lot cleverer than I am (or will ever be) has made on their home PC using a Dungeon builder and CAD program, and that's fine for what it is, it's what it isn't that I am not keen on.

So it's not for me but I am sure that players who enjoy the retro feel and want to play a Dungeon style game will find this an entertaining romp



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