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ULTRA SPACE BATTLE BRAWL is a retro remake of 'Pong'

The main difference is that instead of controlling just a vertical line (as a bat) you have characters who each use various shields, weapons or other things to bat the energy balls away from their home turf and back at the opponent.

It looks retro with its blocky pixellated graphics, but it also looks kinda fresh with its planetary and interplanetary backgrounds.


Controlling the movements of your character uses WASD  and unlike the original Pong game where the paddle moved just up and down (at least that's how I remember it) you can move your character back and forth as well. Like Pong you trace the path of the energy ball and try to block it at just the right moment that it sends it back towards you opponent at a spinning and unusual angle. Commands are given using [G] and [H].


The backgrounds are mostly static, pretty but not truly part of the game, and characters have limited movement also, but none of that matters if you like fast-paced crazy games.

Not a game I would generally recommend you chase after but a good bit of fun for a few minutes when you want to wind down by doing something totally mindness and mind-numbing.

For a better idea of the game check here




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