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Welcome to a world where dinosaurs survived and live together with antique civilizations.

As patriarch of one of the five ruling houses of Uchronia, you will struggle against other wealthy domains to get the city under your control. In order to build the city to your benefit, you will have to trade foreign treasures and raw material, build your own stock of resources, develop profitable activities and harass your opponents.

Only the most powerful will become the new ruler of Uchronia.


·         The new game from Carl Chudyk, designer of Innovation.

·         Profound strategy with simple rules and easy-to-set-up components.

·         Numerous tactical choices offer great replayability.

Players: 2 to 5Age: 14+. Duration45 to 60 min. Language : English.

Contents: 5 Domains / Player’s guides, 80 Building cards, 174 Resource cards, 5 Monopoly cards, 1 Last Turn card and 1 set of rules.

Out ESSEN 2012

Suggested Retail Price: 25€ / $32,5

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