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Welcome to Japan.  How does the past disrupt or alter the course of the future? That's one of the questions you may find yourselves discussing.

Also: Why is there a dead man, aged in his 60s, laying on the floor next to a spilled wined glass and an old wheelchair? And why is he wearing that crumpled old Blue suit?

Using your choice of nine events from thirteen (including the start card) spread out over 60 years, and 12 mini clue cards from which you can select but two, the 'whys' from above are there for you to answer, but can you solve the very well written story and perhaos prevent the man from dying? Or is he doomed to his fate while you fumble around in the dark with your flimsy fantasies of being [a] true detective/s?

This is a real cooperative game where you all put forward your ideas and together you solve Cold Cases, sometimes in the best way possible.


The story begins for you on March 1st 2000 in Okayama, Japan. But in fact if you want to begin at the very start you have to go 60 years back to Hiroshima on the evening of March 1st 1940 where you will find the first part of a long journey that culminates in Hiroshima March 8th 2000. But is what happened in 1940 Hiroshima an actual viable link to the dead man? or is it just a small fleeting part of his history? or perhaps it may be just someone's ancient memory. Each card holds a clue and offers three options. Depending on the option, A. B or C you all decide on, points are scored or lost (or nothing happens) as you strive to reach a successful total - though until you reach the end and read the finale you do not truly know what a succesful ending is - each game in the UNDO series is similar but has different end scores for varying successes or failures.


Can you UNDO or unravel the dead man's life and perhaps save him? or did he deserve to die and you can hurry it along with a vengeance? That's one of the fun things about these games, you only have the briefest of information and from what you learn you have to make your decisions and accept the circumstances they cause. If you follow the clues correctly the story does fall into place, but if you make decisions based on what you personally would do or think instead of how the characters in the story might react then you are most likely on the road to failure.

Try this as an example (this has nothing to do with this game but it may explain, I hope, what I mean). You know that Mr Brown is timid and wouldn't say boo to a goose. He finds himself faced by an angry thug in a parking lot. Your options are: a) Start a fight  b) Run away screaming for help and c) Have a verbal exchange with the thug. Now personally (in real life) you might be the type or person who would stand up to the thug by raising your fists or getting into a martial arts pose, thus you would choose option a). Mr Brown however, is timid and thus unlikely to start a fight or even begin a verbal argument and so he would most likely choose option b). When you turn over the points cards for the event you would most likely find. Option a) -2 points  Option b) +2 points  Option c) -1 point.  Of course you don't know what the possible scores are until after you have made your decision. I trust this gives you the idea that you have to think like the characters and not like yourselves.


The more we play UNDO games the more we want to play. The cards - all rules are on cards - do say that if you fail you can try again, but that is a bit like watching the whole 2 hour DVD movie again because you missed the last 5 minutes, instead of just starting the DVD from near the end; you know what is going to happen on the majority of the Event cards because of the 13 you have seen 10. Even if you select the three that you didn't in the first play through you know which Events of the other 10 that were helpful and more to the point you have a better idea of which of the A B or C options to choose on each card. Basically I am saying these are really one-play only games, but they can be passed on to others as nothing is destroyed or damaged, just remembered.

The UNDO series games take around 60 minutes to complete, though you aren't under the pressure of a timer, but you can make them last longer if you wish by turning the game session into a snacks & chat evening with the game story running in the background.

From online or from your local game store the UNDO Cherry Blossom Festival game, published by PEGASUS Spiele, costs between £6.49 (Zatu) through to £14.86 from Ozzie Collectibles with most shops offering it between £9.00 - £10.00. 

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