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Well as many of you know last weekend saw UKGE move to the Metropole Hotel in Birmingham - next door to the NEC.

The Metropole is, so I have been told (I have never tried it myself but I believe it) easily accessible by rail and bus (I have only ever driven there) and thus of course by car.

I was unable to attend this year. My non-attendance had nothing to do with the spat I had with the organisers last year - that's water under the bridge and we are all talking again now
but because it was my (and surprisingly my wife's also) 40th Wedding anniversary and we were off in Spain, returning too late and too tired to attend.

As I couldn't make it I have had to depend on word of mouth and online chat about the event. I understand it was bigger and far better attended than even the organisers could have
believed it would be (not my words) and that the only negative was the cost of eating and drinking at the Metropole (I know this to be true from when TSR put me up there when we did
the Live n Kicking show at the NEC for D&D and Spellfire (what a fun disaster that was, being next to Ant & Dec and the LnK live show stage all weekend). I even heard a famous comedy
singer songwriter TV celebrity have a moan about the drink prices at the Hotel then, so it was pretty obvious that things weren't going to have improved.

Anyway, from what I can gether there was a great mixture of large and small trade stands, many doing Essen-style demo and play tables in front of their selling stalls, amongst which Mayfair
Games and Esdevium Games stood out - so I have been told.

I knew that this year had to be a success for UKGE or else it was going to be the end of it with no 2014 show  so it is truly great to see a British /English games convention gaining so much popularity
again. People had started to fade away afer the demise of GenConUK and although there are several very good smaller events dotted around the country a new major event was much needed, the
UKGE guys have given us this.

Congratulations to the UKGE organisers and their brilliant collection of volunteers - in my opinion, no games event ever has managed success without a good backbone of volunteers - and with success
comes 2014 and onwards ........ With the rate of growth I am told there was this year from last it will not be long before the NEC itself is the venue to England's/Britain's biggest and best games event.


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