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Developed and Published by GAMIOUS  TURMOIL is a game about drilling for oil and making mega buck$.

It can be played solo as a single player game or you can introduce three computer opponents against whom you are in a contest to become the richest.


The game kicks in with a short but descriptive tutorial which is worth playing through as it quickly lets you know what to do and then dumps you to be alone in the vast wide world of oil magnates (magnatism ?). Once you reach a certain cash point (and I don't mean an ATM) the tutorial stops, but you can carry on drilling oil and collecting cash if you want. I found this to be advantageous as I had money to extra spend on bidding and equipment for enhancing my drilling.

Visually it's not a particularly compelling game and the action is somewhat tepid rather than exciting but it is one of those games that has that addictive-factor. No matter what you are doing away from the game every time you get a few minutes break you begin absent-mindedly thinking about ways to be more efficient.

Game rounds only last a few months, a calendar in the top left flips through the days and you get a warning when the last month of the round begins.

The round starts at the Town Hall where you and your opponents bid for pieces of land where the round's drilling will occur. There is nothing to advise you which bit of land is better than any other so you may just as well go for one that no one else wants. Otherwise you can bid up in increments of $1000 so you can generally grab a land unit for just $1000.

Once you have your land you jump into your wagon and taking $2000 from the bank you toodle off to your land area. This is, to begin with, just a flat of ground with a oil store/storage to one side which is where you can sell your oil. The value of the oil is shown on the building and it fluctuates depending on how much oil it receives and how fast it receives it.


Spend $100 and hire a dowser, stick to only hiring one to begin with but after a few rounds it is a good idea to have two dowsers working for you. After a minute or two the dowser will jump up and down, waving his arms on the spot. Here you can buy and position an oil rig, dragging down into the ground from the cross mark (+); the further down you go the more it costs to dig and lay pipes. As the pipe goes down it digs through the brown earth. If it hits an orange border then you know you have struck oil and the pipe will begin to pump the oil into the derrick (rig). Now you need to hire a horse drawn cart and direct it to deliver the oil to the storage which it will automatically do; the cash for the oil being deposited in your bank at the same rate the oil is.


To maximise your investment you should consider drilling more than one well, but be careful you have enough carts to carry and deposit it; to this aim you can have them deposit it in a large purpose built tank and then moved from there to storage. This cuts out the number of journeys from the well to the storage saving time and usually also preventing the oil spilling out. Several rounds into the game you will find that your possibilities have expanded. There are now several stores in town which offer various useful aids, wider pipes, larger storage tanks, deeper dowsing etc as well as a second storage store that often offers more for your oil than the regular original one, but not always.

Part of the money building game is to know when to switch your carts delivery points. You do this by keeping an eye on which store is offering the most dollars, how fast the well(s) are pumping the oil - larger width pipes pump oil quicker - how fast the oil is deposited at the storage; there are numerous things for you to consider.

At the end of the round you are shown how you have done, earnings, spendings and profit, and then all characters cash for the next round.

I haven't reached the end of the game yet so I cannot say what is required to be the final winner. I have done reasonably well and have been buying the options from the stores, but I haven't bought them all yet so there is obviously plenty more game for me to enjoy.


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