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A land of howling wind, monstrous sand dunes, no standing water, and an ever-chang­ing landscape, the Great Dune Sea is widely regarded as a wasteland. Yet nomads make their home on the outskirts, tending their flocks on the sparse vegetation of the desert and eking a living as traders and guides. Within the dunes, so legends say, lie several ruined cities, mostly covered in sand, but occasionally revealing their ancient buildings to the curious.

Inside you’ll find:
* Expanded information on the cult of Tamarni (goddess of pleasure and the home), including major festivals.
* Theories of the origins of the windswept realm and a guide to the hardships that await explorers.
* A new Edge for those who wish to travel the sands.
* 8 new locations to explore and 4 major NPCs to encounter.
* 3 minor deities.
* 1 new monsters and 2 new hazards.

Available to download from the TAG store.


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