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Following our successful Leagues of Gothic Horror Kickstarter, backers said it was a shame theGlobetrotters' Guide to London stretch goal wasn't unlocked. Well, we've done our sums, both for money and time, and we're confident we can ship a funded book at the same time as your Gothic Horror goodies.

The Kickstarter will launch at 9 pm BST (10 pmEurope, 4 pm EST) on Monday 24th August and run until 7th September. If you backed the Leagues of Gothic Horror Kickstarter, you'll be sent a preview linktomorrow. We'll be doing another mailout on Mondaywith the link to the Kickstarter seconds after it launches.

So what's inside the 78-page book that might tempt you to part with more money?


▪ A 2-page map of the central city with numbered locations.


▪ Details on accommodation, climate, communication, death, entertainment, lighting, policing and crime, and transportation within London.


▪ Information on over 120 locations, including admission costs and opening hours of popular attractions, and hotel rates.


▪ Biographies and statistics for 39 notable inhabitants, including Professor George Challenger, Phileas Fogg, Sir Henry Irving, Mary Henrietta Kingsley, and General Sir Charles Warren.


▪ Write-ups and statistics for 20 stock denizens covering cab drivers to dynamiters and informers to Special Branch detectives.


▪ A Who's Who of important persons and their positions, ensuring the Gamemaster knows the names of key ambassadors, government officials, churchmen, museum curators, newspaper editors, and more throughout the 1890s!


▪ Four new Leagues of Adventure - The Automaton Club, The Detective Club, The Masked Avengers, and The Temperance Society.


▪ Six sample player characters (one to a page).


▪ Eight sample henchmen.


▪ Guidelines on running adventures in London.


▪ Adventure seeds for both Leagues of Adventure and Leagues of Gothic Horror.

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