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Once the home of the cakali, once a center of enlightenment and invention, once a green and pleasant land, the Plains of Ash is now a blasted wasteland,
a testament to the unearthly might and fury of the jinn. To most it is a featureless waste, a stain on the landscape to be avoided out of fear of what might
lurk there. To the cakali, it is their spiritual home, and a reminder that freedom requires sacrifices.

Inside you’ll find:
* The origins of the cakali and more details on their practise of taking bondsmen.
* An overview of cakali religious leanings, including details of their funerary customs.
* Notes on the perils of walking the Plains of Ash, reasons why heroes might explore the wastes, and two adventure seeds.
* Expanded information on the cult of Qedeshet (god of knowledge), including major festivals.
* A new Arcane Background – Astrology magic.
* 7 new locations, including the Ever-Burning Oasis and the Jinni’s Grave.
* 3 notable NPCs.
* 3 minor deities.
* 2 new monsters and 3 hazards.



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