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TRIDEK, currently in Beta, is a collectible card game of the virtual type - you never get to physically handle the cards but
you can purchase extra cards and decks to augment your collection.

The game is played by opponents who have each built decks which contain 30 cards with the colours, Red, Blue and Green,
along with Attack and Defence values or Spells which can be used as Support (to your creatures) or to Hack (the abilities of
your opponent's creatures).

As you can see from the example cards below each creature card has two colours, one with a negative digit and one with a
positive. The negative is the number and colour of resource you need to bring the card into play, whilst the positive number
is the resource colour and value you will receive when you bring the card out from your hand and into position.


Bringing cards into position means playing them into one of the 6 spaces available to you - there are two rows of 3. The front
row generally can attack or be attacked whereas the back row is where injured or retreating cards can go if they are in the front
line with an empty space behind them. Cards in the back row can only attack or be attacked by cards with either flying or range.
Many creatures also have other abilities, again as can be seen above on the card examples.

The other card types (that I have encountered) can be used to Block and/or Support the opponent's creatures and those that Hack
the abilities of the cards they are played onto - this can be advantageous to your cards or disadvantageous for your opponent.

The game as it currently stands allows you to get some new cards and augment your pre-determined 30 card deck with them. You
should know what is what before you start altering your deck - play a game or two to understand the rules and the ways in which
the card abilities work. You get to decide whether or not to activate a card's abilities and where those abilities should be aimed.

From the onset you have 3 value in each colour resource and if you have been dealt a reasonable hand (you may reject your dealt
cards and mulligan) you should be able to play out at least one card on your turn - if you have the resources you may play as many
cards as you can - resources are used up each time you play a card; it is not like Magic the Gathering and other games where you
get your mana back at the start of each round - you only replace mana (resources) by playing cards - as explained above.

The cards are graphically nicely detailed but overall the game as I have seen it does not have the visual impact of the other online
CCGs and TCGs I have played. This doesn't mean it won't have once the beta testing has been completed and the KICKStarter target
has been reached.

At this moment in time it is a game I would recommend keeping a weather eye on, watching its development closely before making
any actual decisions about it.

Sign Up Today for Closed Beta for the Next Big Digital Trading Card Strategy Game
Regensburg, Germany – June 27, 2012 – dreamfab today announced that closed beta sign-ups have started for Tridek: Creatures of Galena, a digital trading card game currently being developed for PC and mobile devices with cross-platform play capabilities. Digital trading card fans can sign up for the chance to get into the closed beta now at: Kickstarter backers of $25 or more will receive guaranteed access to the closed beta now, and also receive the full version PC game on release together with other great rewards. Community feedback will help dreamfab add new features to the game, such as localizations, enhanced multiplayer elements, and more. To participate in the Kickstarter, visit:
“After months of development we are excited to finally open up Tridek to closed beta testers for PC to give players a hands-on glimpse of Tridek and its direction”, said Andreas Mihalovits, Managing Director at dreamfab. “We have the game currently equipped with deck customization, cloud accounts, and single and multiplayer modes. We hope that players will sign-up today for a chance to join the closed beta and help us evolve the game through an active feedback pipeline”.
About Tridek: Creatures of Galena
Tridek Creatures of Galena is a Digital Trading Card game developed for multiple platforms and online gameplay.  This gives gamers the ability to experience true cross platform multiplayer matches and tournaments anywhere they are! Also unlike many other games on the market Tridek evolves the traditional gaming experience of a Trading Card Game by innovating and enhancing the core features players expect in a card game. Tridek introduces a new resource system that removes the traditional waiting times found in TCGs without compromising the strategic depth. Gamers will be able to play using their own style by building decks to fit their own needs.                  
Upcoming features, tournament elements and ports to other platforms are expected in the future. For more information about Tridek and the current Kickstarter fundraising campaign, please visit:
About dreamfab GmbH & Co KG.
Based in Regensburg, Germany, dreamfab specializes in the production and publishing of premium casual games. The company’s first award winning iOS titles "Demolition Dash", "Happy Hills" and "Saving Yello" were published in 2011. In 2012 dreamfab released its first Android ports and several new iOS titles like its most successful game, “Chasing Yello”, with more than 10 million downloads to date, followed more recently by "Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel".

About the Bit Barons
The Bit Barons are an independent game development studio from Munich, Germany. Founded in 2009 by Alexander Widl, Sergej Klementinovski and Alexander Zacherl the studio released the colorful puzzle game Astroslugs for iOS, PC and Mac in 2010. After that the team brought the classic card game San Juan to iPad and iPhone in 2011. Currently the Bit Barons are hard at work on their second original title, the Mobile Trading Card Game Tridek. You can learn more about the team and their game on their website at http:://
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