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Released last year on PC, it is now time for new-gen consoles to enjoy the fast-paced madness that is Tower of Guns.

The action takes place as you run and gun your way through multiple rooms, over fourteen levels, with a choice of different guns and perks to help you on your way. As you destroy the various enemies in each room, they drop blue and red orbs, upgrading both your gun, and your health. Each time you die, you begin again, at the beginning, in a new randomised tower, meaning each time you play, it is a different game, and there isn’t an easy learning curve.

People will have their own favourite gun, from fast minimal damage, to slow heavy hitters, even one that fires saw blades, although in my experience, I didn’t find too much variety in the way they function, so saw blades it was for me.

To stand any chance of surviving the ascent you will have to explore the various rooms for hidden coins, health and power-ups. Exploring is a difficult task in itself as secret areas are often hidden behind fake walls, near death traps or at the top of difficult platform sections. To top it off, you will often find that waves of flying bombs will spawn just to give you that extra motivation.

The cel-shading style is reminiscent of Borderlands, and fits nicely with the theme and pace of the game. The cartoon-esque violence taking away somewhat from the fact that you have just reached level twelve, died, and had to start all the way back down at level one…

One thing I would change about ToGs, the lack of multiplayer. It would be a great game to sit and co-op with, surely only adding to the enjoyment.



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