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When I saw TOP THAT! on the BLUE ORANGE stand at Spiel, Essen, I just had to have it because it has Bunnies, because it looked fun and because it has Bunnies.

Designed by Thierry Denoual with artistic input by Stéphane Escapa this is a game for 2-4 six year olds (and upwards to at least 66). The Rules are in a three-fold booklet that has four panels the same size as the game cards (for convenient packaging) and printed both sides; they are also easy to understand and more's the point they are simple to explain to a six-year old child.


The components comprise of a deck of 55 "Magic" cards and four sets of Magician's tools -  Green plastic Dollar, Orange Cylinder, Red Barrel and White Rabbit and all of these pieces fit neatly into the Black Top Hat just like a magic trick, and in essence that's how the game is played - fitting the pieces into and onto each other according to the card that is drawn.

Each player has a set of Magicians tools which they lay out on the table in front of themselves. One player then turns over the top card of the deck and the players have to create the illusion shown on the card. The rules are that all pieces have to be used each time and the card tells everyone how the final illusion should look. The cards contain all or some of the components of the Magician's tools, showing them in colour or greyscale and occasionally surrounded with a sparkling array of golden stars.

The components that are show in colour are the components that have to be visible when the illusion is completed, those in greyscale are the components that have to be hidden within the illusion. Finally, the components that are surrounded by golden stars have to have another component hidden inside them; for example: if the White Rabbit is shown as Greyscale and the Red Barrel is shown on the card as both Red and surrounded by golden stars then it (the Red Barrel) has to be visible and it has to have something hidden inside it - the greyscale (White) Rabbit for instance.

As soon as the card is flipped over the players have to create the illusion as soon as possible, the player who completes first wins the card and the player who first wins five cards wins the game - it's that simple. 

So this game is of a genre that is by no means unique but by giving it a colourful Hey Presto! magical illusion theme it has been revised and revived so that it is a good fun game for families and dextrous players to enjoy. Okay it's not a game that core gamers will go crazy over, not even as a fifteen minute interim entertainment, well not unless they have young children and then they will almost certainly see the value of TOP THAT! to the family market.

TOP THAT! is a fun, family game that will get your youngsters away from their Ipads and phones without boring them because it plays very quickly and with lots of laughing - it brings families together and puts smiles on their faces, and that's a really good thing.


Plus, it's got BUNNIES !!!!


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