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Tomb Raider: The Final Hours  Episode Five: The End of the Beginning – Part One


Crystal Dynamics today launched the fifth in their series of behind the scenes documentaries entitled, The Final Hours of Tomb Raider: The End of the Beginning.

In the penultimate episode of The Final Hours we head back to Redwood City, to the studio of Crystal Dynamics, where host Zachary Levi explores what happens during the last days of Tomb Raider’s development.

Featuring discussions with key members of the team at Crystal Dynamics, who elaborate on the culmination of hard work required to optimise and polish the game in time for release.

See Crystal on their home stretch: the long days, and nights, are coming to an end and the finish line is in sight; stay tuned to see second part of this Final Hours episode coming very soon.

Follow the link below to view the episode:


Tomb Raider Walkthrough  Part One: Monastery to Medical Helicopter

This video walkthrough will demonstrate Lara’s combat skills and strategy choices, and how she uses her Survival Instincts to navigate to points of interest on the island.

Part one of this guide shows Lara tactically evading a hostile Scavenger den, adapting to dangerous situations, and learning combat skills to overcome the island’s threatening inhabitants.

Follow the link below for the detailed walkthrough:

Stay tuned for part two which looks at how enemies adjust their attacks depending on Lara’s approach to combat and an introduction to the Challenge Tombs.

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Tomb Raider: Guide to Survival    Episode Two: Exploration

The latest Guide to Survival looks at how Lara is able to explore the island to its fullest, detailing the basecamp, fast travel and gear gating mechanics. Discover how Lara is able to navigate and explore the Island, and how through upgrading her equipment, she is able to revisit previous areas of exploration to find further artefacts, journals and new salvage not initially accessible.

Follow the link below for the detailed walkthrough:

If you missed it, Guide to Survival Episode One demonstrates how a smart and resourceful Lara must use her wits to withstand the menacing forces of Yamatai.

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BAFTA award winner profiled in latest episode of The Final Hours of TOMB RAIDER 
SQUARE ENIX and Crystal Dynamics today announced that Jason Graves, an award winning composer with an outstanding pedigree across film, television and gaming is penning the original score for TOMB RAIDER.

This video series will dive into the World of Tomb Raider: exploring the decisions Lara faces as she is forced to survive.

The first episode in the series explores how Lara must use her wits to become a Survivor.

Though she doesn’t begin as a fully accomplished heroine she’s smart, resourceful and full of potential: you’ll see Lara using the Basecamp System to upgrade her skills and gear, see how she uses her Survival Instinct to explore on the island, and get an insight into her signature weapon, the bow.

To take a look click this link:

“Shipwrecked on an island off the coast of Japan, Lara Croft began armed with nothing more than her wits and will to live. Forced to forage for food and defend herself from hostile natives, Lara is forever changed when her friends are captured and she realizes she is the only one who can save them. Pushed to the limits of human fortitude, Lara knows that if she doesn't survive, none of them will. Watch Lara transition from "survival" to "Survivor" in our new trailer

THE FINAL HOURS OF TOMB RAIDER EPISODE 3: The Sound of Survival is available to download through the following link:

Graves’ involvement is revealed in the third episode of The Final Hours of Tomb Raider. In The Sound of Survival, host Zachary Levi escorts viewers to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) London headquarters, and speaks to Graves about his role in the reboot of the iconic Tomb Raider franchise (BAFTA has previously recognized Graves’ work for Original Score and Use of Audio in Dead Space 2).

The composer reveals his vision for the game’s soundscape and speaks about infusing atmosphere, emotion and authenticity into Lara’s origins story through his musical score - and illustrates his search to find the perfect sound for the game, through his collaboration with sculptor, Matt McConnel who created a bespoke and wholly original instrument to aid Graves in bringing his unique sound to Tomb Raider.

In keeping with the tradition of Geoff Keighley’s signature THE FINAL HOURS series, viewers can gain a deeper, behind-the-scenes look at what Graves has to say by checking out this episode:

Click here for the latest episode:

Click here if you missed episode 1:

For more information on Tomb Raider:

     Camilla Luddington named as of the new voice and character of Lara Croft




First round of pre-order incentives with key retailers announced

LONDON, 9th October 2012– Square Enix Ltd today announced the first wave of pre-order bonuses for TOMB RAIDER consumers in the UK and Ireland. Customers will be able to choose between three versions of the game: a beautifully packaged Standard Edition, a Survival Edition and a Deluxe Collector’s Edition. 

Survival Edition:

The Survival Edition will contain the game, a mini art book compiled by TOMB RAIDER’S Art Director Brian Horton, a detailed double sided map of the game’s mysterious island setting and a protective survival pouch. Digital offerings will consist of an access code to TOMB RAIDER’s atmospheric soundtrack and a DLC weapon pack.

Deluxe Collector’s Edition:

The Deluxe Collector’s Edition will include the complete Survival Edition, plus a 6” Play Arts Kai Lara Croft figurine and will come housed in a unique Endurance crew member’s metal survival box.

Pre-order incentives

The first round of incentives is retailer specific and includes in-game content:


Exclusive in-game EXPLORER BUNDLE. Included in this bundle is an exploration themed CHALLENGE TOMB and an early access bonus survival advantage:


o    An exclusive tomb for Lara to raid! In this new location, Lara will encounter all new environment puzzles that will test her abilities


o    Early access to the fast climb skill upgrade will let Lara ascend mountain faces more quickly. Handy when avoiding her attackers in a fight to take the higher ground!


Exclusive in-game COMBAT STRIKE PACKThis early access combat-themed bundle will improve Lara's chance of survival on the island from day one!


o    The pistol silencer will let Lara use stealthy tactics to overcome even the trickiest of situations


o    The headshot reticule will let Lara utilise her weapons more accurately, when used with the pistol silencer, they make for a deadly combination


o    The three-shot burst pistol upgrade will let Lara unleash a hail of firepower on her foes when under attack


o    Animal instinct skill will light up XP-laden animals in Survival Instinct mode to help you upgrade to the next skill in no time

Exclusive TOMB RAIDER: THE BEGINNINGS COMIC BOOK (digital edition)

-       Written by Rhianna Pratchett, with cover art by TOMB RAIDER Art Director, Brian Horton, THE BEGINNINGS COMIC BOOK is a digital 48 page six-part comic which tells the story of how this ill-fated voyage of the Endurance came to be. This special edition comic brings together the cast and crew, including a budding young adventurer named Lara Croft, as they prepare for adventure in search of the Yamatai off of the east coast of Japan

Exclusive DLC

-       Designed exclusively for

-       More details will be announced in the New Year

Further pre-order bonuses for all customers will be announced in coming months.

For more information and regular updates on all of our pre-order and promotional offers, visit the PRE-ORDER HUB at  

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